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Gerber Armbar Slim Drive Multi-Tool

Gerber Armbar Slim Drive Multi-Tool

Sometimes when it comes to EDC tools, less is more. Gerber channeled that minimalist philosophy with its new Armbar Slim Drive, a compact and stylish multi-tool. The Armbar Slim Drive gives you everything you need in an efficient piece of gear. It includes a 2-1/2” long screwdriver with a two-sided ¼” bit – perfect for tight spaces. The 2-1/2” pocket knife blade can be accessed with just one hand for ease of use and it’ll lock into place for safe cutting. Plus the discreet bottle opener means you’ll always have access to a cold one.

The Armbar Slim Drive offers EDC enthusiasts a modest yet powerful multi-tool that is perfect for everyday tasks and odd jobs around the house. Plus, the $34 price tag makes this a no-brainer.

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