Despite the meteoric rise of craft beer, craft cider has remained relatively under the radar. But, Vermont’s Shacksbury Cider has become one of the industry’s leading cider producers beloved by folks across the country. After many collaborations and dabblings in the world of wine, it’s unsurprising that Shacksbury has launched an aperitif, albeit a non-alcoholic one. Mountain Tonic is made with a base of apple cider and a whole heaping of herbs and botanicals. Black currants, gentian, marjoram, cinnamon leaf, galangal, juniper berries, stinging nettle, and local honey. It’s lightly carbonated for a zippy, refreshing taste and it tastes great on its own or can be mixed with other spirits. For those trying out Dry January, it’s an ideal beverage with complex flavors that mimic your favorite aperitivo. And, you can save a bottle for February and top off some whiskey or gin with this beauty. Sadly Shacksbury has already sold out of bottles but keep an eye out for future releases of unique beverages like Terra a co-ferment blend of apple, grapes, and berries.

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