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When we’re on the go, we normally grab food that’s quick and easy to consume. Campsite? Grab a can of beans and heat them over the fire. Road trip? Just give us all the beef jerky. So while a portable slow cooker sounds comical at first, we think you’ll quickly come around to the Presto Nomad, an 8-quart slow cooker that’s designed for travel. Put the swing-up handle in carry mode and the lid seals tight to avoid spills while in transit. Then, when you reach your destination, plug it in and set it just like you would the Crock Pot in your home, meaning choose from High, Low, or Keep Warm. The lid also holsters a spoon so you always have one at the ready to dish out helpings, and the front has a white board space so you can write what it is you’ve got brewing. 


Ever since we used Dango’s Tactical Wallet we’ve wondered what kind of innovations the brand could bring to other pieces of our EDC like our watch. After over a year in development, the wait is over–Dango Modular Watches are here. Whether you’re a field, dive, or chronograph watch guy, each option has everything you want in a quality timepiece. Swiss movement. Sapphire crystal. 316L stainless construction. Startling good looks. Dango didn’t stop there. Each watch also has interchangeable lugs and straps so you can easily customize the perfect timepiece for you.