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There are times when a nightcap and a midnight snack feel just a bit too indulgent. Usually, you’d have to choose between that bitter, refreshing Negroni or a bowl of your favorite ice cream. But now you can have your cocktail and eat it too. Brooklyn-based ice cream company OddFellows recently announced a line of liquor-laced ice cream with their ‘Boozy Capsule.’ The lineup includes six flavors inspired by cocktails from some of the world’s most famous bars like Death & Co., Attaboy, and more. Plus, OddFellows will donate 10% of proceeds from the limited release to Another Round Another Rally, a charity providing education and emergency aid to folks in the hospitality industry.

“Enjoying a world-class cocktail in a beautiful bar is the absolute best, and we wanted to capture that experience and celebrate our hospitality industry peers with this boozy capsule,” shared Mohan Kumar, Co-Founder of OddFellows, in a press release. “I’ve had many amazing nights in these bars and I’m excited to be bringing their essence to the nation in ice cream form.”

All of the ice cream in the Boozy Capsule is infused with the spirits, liqueurs, and ingredients used in the corresponding cocktails. Limantour’s Mr Pink ice cream is infused with New York Distilling Company’s Dorothy Parker Gin and mixed with grapefruit sorbet featuring rosemary, lime, basil, and orange bitters. Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur and Oloroso Sherry mingle with Manuka Honey in Maybe Sammy’s La Finca ice cream. Each spoonful of the Boozy Capsule ice cream is as complex and compelling as a sip of your favorite craft cocktail.

The entire Boozy Capsule (a pint of each of the 6 flavors) is shipping nationwide for $90 and is available at OddFellows’ New York City and Boston locations for $13.50 per tub. The collection will only be available for a limited time — OddFellows expects it to last through the summer.


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