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A few months back, beloved cold brew liqueur brand Mr Black teamed up with WhistlePig on a limited edition barrel-aged coffee liqueur. Unsurprisingly, that small-batch release sold out pretty quickly. If you weren’t able to get your hands on that delicious elixir, fret not. Mr Black and WhistlePig have once again teamed up to bring you a kit to make a next-level cold brew old fashioned from the comfort of your home bar. The Cold Brew Old Fashioned Kit comes equipped with a 750ml bottle of Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, a 750ml bottle of WhistlePig Piggyback 100% Rye, and a silicone ice tray with a limited edition ice stamp. Because who doesn’t want custom ice cubes? The kit should help you whip up about 26 versions of your new favorite cocktail. Just pour equal parts Mr Black and WhistlePig Rye into a glass, add an ice cube, stamp it, and garnish with an orange peel.


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