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Madre Mezcal has quickly become one of the most exciting spirits brands in the food & beverage scene. The artful, Instagrammable Mezcal producers have reintroduced a new generation of drinkers to the complex, historic spirit. With excellent branding and a stellar product, Madre Mezcal is already popping up on the shelves of the best bars around. And now, thanks to their latest collaboration, you can find them in your pantry too. Madre Mezcal has teamed up with Yardy World, a creative studio showcasing BIPOC food and culture, on a limited edition line of salt blends: Black Citrus Salt, Healing Herbs Salt, and Chile Salt. The collaboration was born as a way to honor the tradition of pairing mezcal with Sal de Gusano, aka worm-salt. The trio of salt blends is the perfect complement to your favorite Mezcal cocktail or a dish of roasted veggies, grilled fish, meat, or even a bowl of popcorn. The Black Citrus salt has quickly become my personal favorite but all three are excellent kitchen spice rack additions. The salts are available for purchase individually for $15 per 4oz jar, or as a set of three jars for $40.

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