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With St. Patrick’s Day quickly approaching, Jameson Irish Whiskey has worked to get everyone in the festive spirit with the US release of their Jameson Ginger & Lime, a ready-to-drink canned cocktail featuring Jameson, ginger ale, and lime. The release of Jameson Ginger & Lime follows Jameson Orange, which first hit U.S. shelves in January. This lower ABV canned cocktail clocks in at 6% and is geared toward warmer weather.

“The Jameson Ginger & Lime ready-to-drink cocktail was inspired by one of our all-time fan-favorite recipes, ” shared Kate Pomeroy, Head of Innovation at Pernod Ricard North America, in a press release. “Our goal was simple – to create a cocktail experience that is easy and delicious.”

As more and more spirits companies seek creative ways to offer customers ready-to-drink canned cocktails, Jameson’s latest offering gives drinkers a refreshing, approachable fan-favorite cocktail. The Jameson Ginger Ale & Lime is available at retailers nationwide and through Drizly as a 4-pack priced at $15.

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