There’s a wide world of amazing cocktails waiting to be discovered. Problem is, for too long guys have cared about some of those drinks not having the most macho names, ingredients or reputations. Gone are the days when acting too cool was cool, and you shouldn’t be scared off by a little umbrella in your adult beverage. Besides, these 8 cocktails are so damn delicious it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks.


Amaretto Sour

The Amaretto Sour is a pretty simple drink. It’s made up of Amaretto (an almond-flavored Italian liqueur) and sour mix. It’s pretty much like a sweet and sour dessert in a glass. Just don’t drink too many or you might end up with heartburn.


Tequila Sunrise

This might not sound like a drink for tough guys, but who is tougher (and cooler) than Mick Jagger? This tequila, grenadine and orange juice-based cocktail was made famous by the Rolling Stones during their 1972 tour. Now that’s rock and roll in a glass.



Sometimes people don’t give the martini the respect it deserves. Any drink that’s good enough for James Bond is definitely good enough for us. This simple cocktail is made up of gin (or vodka) and vermouth. 007 preferred his martini to be “shaken, not stirred,” even though bartenders would advise otherwise.



If you’ve ever had pre-made frozen daiquiris out of a giant machine during spring break you might be turned off by the idea of the daiquiri. But an authentic daiquiri is simply rum, lime juice and simple syrup, all of which sound good to us. It doesn’t resemble a Slurpee and is perfect for beach consumption.


Fuzzy Navel

Don’t let the name dissuade you from enjoying this cocktail made up of vodka, peach schnapps and orange juice. It might be on the sweeter side, but you can change that by mixing up the recipe and adding more vodka to even it out. It’s flat out delicious.


French 75

We don’t know why people are embarrassed to order drinks containing Champagne. If it’s good enough to be enjoyed on New Years Eve, you should be able to drink it year-round. This is especially true when it’s mixed with gin, lemon juice and simple syrup.



Similar to the daiquiri, the margarita has gained somewhat of a stigma because of its history of being made into overly-sweet, frozen drinks. An authentic margarita is tequila, triple sec and lime juice. Plus you can turbo-charge it by adding more tequila.



Although not technically a cocktail, sangria belongs on this list. It’s more like a punch made up of red wine, fruit (orange slices, lemon slices, apples, strawberries and various others), orange juice and brandy. Few drinks taste better on a hot day than a well-made sangria.

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