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Fly By Jing has earned quite a bit of praise for its chili crisp, sauces, spices, and general pantry goods. If you enjoy cooking Chinese food, or just want some fantastic flavors in your repertoire, Fly By Jing is the place for you. The brand has also made cooking Chinese food even easier by putting together a Hot Pot Starter Set, with everything you need to host a memorable dinner. The set comes with a branded electric hot pot, two sets of silver chopsticks, two slotted ladles, and the Fly By Jing hot pot base.

Hot Pot is a staple of Chinese cooking and consists of making a steaming hot broth that folks then dip and cook various ingredients including meats, veggies, noodles, and more. It’s an interactive, delicious experience. The Fly By Jing Hot Pot Starter Set is available for $135 making it a great gift for creative home chefs or the center piece for your next dinner party.

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