Dads who love to cook (and eat) take it pretty seriously, just like they tend to do with just about every hobby and passion. Whether it’s making perfect scrambled eggs quickly for a weekday breakfast, executing pour over coffee like a seasoned barista, or mastering the art of tender porcini mushroom risotto to accompany that masterfully seared t-bone, all dads want the right tools for the job. And there are some seriously focused kitchen accouterments out there today to help him do just about anything with both skill and style. Here’s the right gift guide for the dad who prefers to spend more time in the kitchen than at the office.


Misen Trenched Cutting Board

Most cutting boards get relegated to the kitchen nether regions but not this one. The Misen Trenched Cutting Board is as practical as it is stunning in black walnut or cherry wood. One side is flat, while the other sports a pitched trench for catching liquids. It’s the board your father will want to keep on the counter just to look at.


Cuisinart Toaster Oven Air Fryer

We love the idea of a healthier way to fry foods, but because an airfryer won’t get used all the time, can one justify the counter space? Cuisinart’s answer is slotting one into a practical toaster oven that bakes, broils, and toasts, so Dad can use it every day. Stainless steel construction, big dials, and enough space for an 11” pizza or a 4-lb chicken, this will be his kitchen’s new bad boy.


Piquant Post Spice Subscription

Part of being creative in the kitchen means being inspired by fragrant spices beyond the typical. The Piquant Post Spice Subscription sends spices from regions around the globe every month along with recipes to make the most of them. Fire up Tandoori Chicken for the family or impress summer guests with delectable Memphis BBQ. Everyone will wonder where your pops got the inspiration.

$120/12 months

Hex Clad 12” Pan

It seems pretty much no non-stick pan can stand up to the rigors of the daily use in the kitchen beyond the duration of several months. HexClad sandwiches aluminum between two layers of stainless steel and then laser etches the cooking surface to create peaks for searing and valleys for non-stick properties. The result is a resilient, easy-cleaning pan that beckons to cook everything in Dad’s arsenal.


Anova Precision Cooker Sous Vide

Introduce Dad to the Sous Vide cooking method, and it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving. Perfect and juicy every time is the name of the Sous Vide game, and Anova’s Precision Cooker is easily the best-selling one around. Attach it to any pot with water and add ingredients to the cooking bag. Set the temp and time via the Anova app, and Dad will magically issue forth a restaurant quality meal without breaking a sweat.


Lodge 6 Qt. Enamel Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens are one of the most versatile cookware pieces you can buy, and Lodge’s 6-quart version is pretty much perfect for daily use. The smooth porcelain cooking and lid surfaces are baked onto cast iron at temps of over 1200°F, and it’s oven safe to 500°F. From roasts to soups to mom’s famous chili recipe, it might just be Dad’s go-to workhorse for big meals throughout the year.


Peugeot Bali Fonte Cast Iron Peppermill

Fresh ground pepper makes us weak in the knees, and a good mill makes quick work of tough but tasty peppercorns. French company Peugeot is known for its peppermills, and the Bali Fonte looks like it was pulled off a table in Winterfell. The 3”-tall cast iron mill might be short, but its pebbled surface means easy gripping, and the stout semi-hourglass shape will make any dish submit to its spell.


GrowlerWerks uKeg 64 Stainless Steel

Keep beer tasty fresh and properly pressurized up to 15 psi while wowing anyone who wants to dispense a cold brew from the uKeg’s belly. The beautifully crafted Growler uses CO2 cartridges to properly carbonate, and the window gauge shows how much beer remains, so Dad can plan accordingly and give you damned good reason to upgrade to weekly visits.


Rösle Leather Grilling Gloves

A man’s got to grill, right? Dad likely considers himself a grill master or has the desire to get there. Give him two helping hands with these thick leather gloves to protect his mitts as he works his BBQ magic. The grey and black gloves are 100% leather and 16 inches long for optimal heat protection while flipping, turning, and cleaning. They also happen to look fantastic, pretty much the opposite of the burned chicken head oven mitts he’s been using to your everlasting shame.


Corkcicle Multicam 25 oz. Black Canteen

Dad will likely get super thirsty when he’s working his kitchen ninjutsu skills, but he might not have time or want to afford the distraction to break away to stay hydrated. The new Multicam colorway of the Corkcicle 25-ounce canteen is bonafide badass, while the triple-walled construction keeps beverages cold for 25 hours, or about the time it takes for Dad to finish making Thanksgiving dinner.


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