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Beer and potato chips have been partners in crime for well over 100 years. Burts, a British chip brand, has finally taken the two and combined them together into one glorious bar snack. Their Guinness Potato Chips are packed with the bitter sweet profile of the world’s most famous stout. Made with a flavoring that contains a blend of barley and hops, the chips are hand-cooked, thick cut, and ideal for Sundays in front of the TV. And if original wasn’t enough, you can also buy a Rich Beef Chilli version that plays off the same Guinness base. They won’t get you drunk, but they will pair nicely with a pint. We’ll have to hope they make their way stateside.


Long before MagSafe, PITAKA was creating ingenious products and magnetic systems to help streamline your technology usability. Their product ecosystem is second to none in terms of functionality, which they’re going to showcase during a special live event on 6/21. Products like the new FlipBook Case for iPad that streamlines your EDC and holds all your accessories and gear. There’s also the Pita!Tag Collection for your AirTag that adds everyday tools like a multi-tool, cable, or lighter . Add the PITAKA Ecosystem Event on 6/21 to your calendar so you don’t miss any of the exciting news.