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God, is there anything Brad Pitt can’t do? From being an acclaimed actor to a veritable heartthrob for over three decades, Pitt has a bit of a Midas Touch with every project he works on. His new gin line, The Gardener, is no different. Though this is not his first foray into the alcohol business (he owns a winery in France with ex Angelina Jolie), this might be his most ambitious project in the spirits industry yet.

Launching this week during the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, The Gardener is sure to get the star treatment — and for good reason. Using organic processes, the gin’s sustainable lean will be a huge selling point for those conscious about what they consume. As for the gin itself, it’s a wheat-based London Dry gin made in copper stills, using flavor profiles from juniper, licorice, angelica root, lemon, and coriander, along with more bitter notes such as bigarade oranges, sweet oranges, and pink grapefruit. These profiles speak to the Mediterranean setting and lifestyle that has captivated liquor brands for centuries.

While other celebrities have entered the alcohol game over the years, The Gardener feels different — fresher somehow. We’re excited to see how this new venture for Pitt is received at Cannes and beyond.

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