Who doesn’t love a good beer fridge? If you’re a serious beer connoisseur, a solid beer refrigerator is an absolute necessity. It keeps your brew—in all its mountainous glory—cold and separate from the rest of the nonsense in your regular fridge.  It is a temple in which to house your tasty collection of prized brews, and at the very least, it’s small and can be stored in places a regular refrigerator is cumbersome (think: a garage, a den, a man-cave, the bathroom…). But when it comes to picking the perfect boozy beverage cooler, there are a lot of options out there. Luckily, we’ve sorted out the mess for you. Here are the 7 best beer fridges for the craft connoisseur:


Tresanti 1.69 cu. Ft. Dakota Freestanding Refrigerator

This might be the classiest thing we’ve ever seen. The Tresanti Dakota Freestanding Refrigerator comes with 1.69 cubic feet of storage space and features two shelves (a dual-zone cooling temperature zone), a storage door, a desk drawer, and a full wooden exterior, complete with a retro four-pane accent and everything. It looks more like a cabinet you’d store legal documents in than a place for booze, which is actually exactly how we like it.


Danby 120 Can Beverage Center

Beer fridge? Ha! Try “Beverage Center.” The Danby 120-Can Beverage Center is the crème de la crème of beverage refrigerators. A mechanical thermostat with a temp range of 43F to 57F, coupled with 5-shelf storage (three regular shelves, one lay-down shelf, and one tall can shelf), a sleek recessed side door handle (with lock and key!), an interior light, enough space to hold five cases of your favorite brew, and a sub-$200 price tag makes the Danby 120 Can one of our favorite selections on this list. It’s elegant, it’s modern, and it’s damn near perfect.


Haier HBCN05FVS 150-Can Beverage Center

How does one pronounce “Haier?” We’re really hoping it’s like HI-er because we’re dying to make a “Can you take me Haier?” joke right now… Anyway, the Haier HBCN05FVS is another incredible heavy-hitter on our list, and features a 150-can capacity (duh), coupled with some pretty impressive features: four full-width adjustable vinyl-coated shelves (for both cans and bottles), an adjustable thermostat with auto-defrost, a reversible glass door, and an interior LED light with toggle switch. It’s feature-rich, but far from cluttered.


Our only gripe against it is that in order to get it to cool below 45F, you have to pry off the thermostat knob and manually adjust it. It’ll go down to freezing, but not without some effort. Woof.


Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator and Freezer

The Midea WHS-65LB1 makes our list because this sucker is tiny. Like, tiny tiny. Featuring a tight 1.6 cubic feet of space, it can comfortably fit a case of beer (cans), or at least a 12-pack of bottles. If you’re looking for something small to keep in the garage while you wrench, down in the den after a hard day at the office, or even on the boat for an all-day fishing trip, the Midea WHS-65LB1 is ideal for tight space situations. People also say this thing is damn near bullet proof, and can stand up to whatever you dish out.


DELLA Beverage Wine Cooler Mini Refrigerator

Sometimes, finding the best beer fridge takes getting a little creative. The DELLA Beverage Wine Cooler Mini Fridge is advertised as a wine cooler, but it actually handles everything from wine, to beer bottles and cans. It can comfortably fit over 40 cans of beer or well over a case of your favorite bottle, and even then, it’ll still have room leftover for your wine (… if that’s what you’re into). But what makes this mini fridge such a powerful addition to our list is that for less than $200, you get a glass-touch electronic LED temperature control, completely adjustable shelves that cater to your individual setup, and a sleek blue LED interior light.


SPT BC-92US 92 Can Beverage Cooler

Commercial grade equipment is almost always more durable and built to last than consumer grade stuff and for some folks, it’s the only way to go. Additionally, commercial grade stuff often lacks the silly bells and whistles and more superficial nonsense that clutters (and drives up the price of) consumer grade equipment. It’s for this reason that we really like the SPT BC-92US. Auto-defrost with a designated circulation fan, adjustable temperature range from 35F to 65F, a reversible tempered glass door, and a digital LED display system—all the stuff you care about, and none of the goofy non-necessities.


IGLOO 3 cu. Ft. Eraser Board Mini Refrigerator

Who the hell on earth would need a mini fridge with an eraser board built into the front of the door? Every drunk guy on Earth! That’s who!  Love haikus to your ex, great new business ideas, or reminders to mop up the bile on the rear stoop tomorrow morning—you don’t even realize how important this product is to your life until you know it exists and you, like a fool, have lived without it. Oh, and it’s only a hundred bucks. What the hell could possibly go wrong, guy?

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