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Whiskey is meant to be shared. The problem is, once you get to more than two whiskey bottles, it gets cumbersome. However, the story would be much different if, say, there was a convenient way to get some of your favorite whiskeys to and from a social occasion. Aged & Ore’s Bottle Flight is exactly that. It contains four 3oz glass bottles, silicone sleeves for the bottles, and a glass marker for you to identify what you’ve brought. The bottles also have wide mouths, just in case anyone was worried about accidentally wasting any of that precious whiskey. The case can also fit two cigars if you remove two bottles, meaning your favorite Scotch and cigar nights are now far more portable.

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Founded by a team of designers, engineers, and creatives across multiple fields with an alternative approach to all things technology, PItaka does science and style in a specialist arena with a focus on distinct materials, performance and focus you won’t find from other brands. Pitaka’s wireless charging dock–MagEZ–combines a compact and ergonomic design with a MagSafe sliding battery pack that quickly charges and effortlessly juices your phone, portable battery and earbuds up to the max. Want to stay connected regardless of how many meetings, cocktail hours or last minute get-togethers you have to attend? Upgrade to MagEZ Slider.