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‘The Race of Gentlemen’ Shot on Film

‘The Race of Gentlemen’ Shot on Film

The Race of Gentlemen is an event that just begs to be shot on film. The antique machines and old school style make lugging around an antique camera feel not only natural, but necessary. Deciding to shoot film gave me a chance to break from the fast-paced action of TROG, meter the light, select which roll to use, set the exposure, focus manually and take a breath while I waited to capture the image. It’s almost meditative. When you pair that with the thrill of seeing the roll of negatives developed, you’ll know why I’m addicted to shooting on film.

This is a gallery of images shot on three different film stocks using a Bronica ERTS from 1979. The camera uses 120 film and each negative is 6cm x 4.5cm. Ilford FP4, Kodak Ektar, and Fuji Provia were chosen because of their fine grain and tonal reproduction. From the 1,300 photos I shot in the span of two days, only 90 were on film, and they’re most of my favorites. (You can check out the digital gallery here to see which you prefer.) If you’re interested in a print, follow this link.

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