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The Best Boots on Huckberry You Can Buy Right Now

The Best Boots on Huckberry You Can Buy Right Now

Browsing Huckberry’s website is like doing a deep dive into “Buy It For Life” type products — especially when it comes to footwear. The men’s boots section alone is full of options that will likely outlive you no matter how much abuse you try and put them through. Whittling down the top options is a difficult prospect, as it’s hard to think of a guy who wouldn’t gladly wear just about anything Huckberry has to offer in the boots department. But if you can only choose one (ok, maybe a couple), then these are the best boots on Huckberry right now.


Lems Shoes: Boulder Boot Waterproof

The older version of the Boulder Boot are great options to wear while traveling. Lems now has a waterproof version that’s just as lightweight, comfortable, and packable of boot. Plus, of course, it’s made with high quality leather like the original, just now with that extra waterproof versatility. Obviously a boot like this can’t and shouldn’t replace heavier duty footwear (so maybe opt for dedicated footwear before thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail), but for more active day trips, these will take care of you.

Buy Now $175


LUCA: Terra Moc

Everyday life is surprisingly punishing to footwear. Case in point: Just running errands can pull apart the average pair of sneakers. The Terra Mocs from LUCA are made with sustainably sourced leather and gum rubber, and are durable enough that they can be your work shoes. At the same time, they’re comfortable enough that you won’t be dying to rip them off at the end of the day. Plus, the suede exterior looks great. It’s a great offering from a new company that’s quickly proving its worth.

Buy Now $195


Rhodes Footwear: Tracker Boot

The Tracker Boot from Rhodes Footwear is a balanced mix of durability and comfort — a result of a super conscious design that’s meant for people who need to wearthe boots all day in conditions ranging from extremely physically demanding to total vegetation. The three tones of leather are a nice bonus to the utility. Regardless of which color scheme you end up with, both give a layered look, doubling down on the boots as a style choice rather than solely shoes that can take a beating.

Buy Now $198


Astorflex: Bitflex

These boots are chosen more for style than practical use. Not that they’re impractical, just that they’re on the trendier side and more often seen on cultural figures than coal miners, farmers, or anyone who works with their hands. Which makes sense, considering they’re the product of a few generations of Italian cobbling tradition. These boots are also built with a high emphasis on environmental sustainability, meaning you’re avoiding the pitfalls of fast fashion in more than one way.

Buy Now $215


Rhodes Footwear: Portland Boot

The Portland Boot matches the stereotypical image that pops up when imagining a shoe. That’s a compliment, because wrapped up in that stereotype is the fact that it’s nearly impossible to destroy this kind of footwear. A little routine maintenance could keep these shoes around long enough to turn them into an heirloom. They’ll stand up to manual labor, but the kind that most guys get up to, not industrial scale manufacturing.

Buy Now $220


Danner: Waxed Canvas Danner Light

Collaboration boots meld different companies’ specialties. In this case, the waxed canvas is the same that’s used to make Flint and Tinder’s Waxed Trucker Jacket, while the design itself is an updated version of Danner’s original boot made for lumberjacks in the Pacific Northwest back in the 1930s. If these collaboration boots really speak to you, jump on them fast. There were only 600 pairs made and they’re a Huckberry exclusive, so access is extremely limited.

Buy Now $425


Viberg: Scout Boot

Another boot originally made for Pacific Northwest lumberjacks, this one’s update comes in the form of a more stylish look. It’s still suited for that kind of hard work, but Viberg wanted to offer a boot that had its famous durability but could be worn on more social occasions. The price tag reflects both, considering how expensive durable work equipment and stylish footwear both are, so this pair is only an option if you’re looking to really splurge. Though, you could also take a long term view of it and say that seven hundred bucks really isn’t that much to spend if you’re never going to have to spend it again.

Buy Now $710