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The Best Jackets, Pants, and Tees In Harley Davidson’s H-D Collections

The Best Jackets, Pants, and Tees In Harley Davidson’s H-D Collections

Last year, I was invited by Harley-Davidson to participate in one of its riding academies to learn how to ride a motorcycle. While I still haven’t pulled the proverbial trigger to get my license, I have learned a lot about Harley-Davidson’s legacy – and it goes way beyond the motorcycle.

For over a century, HD has been at the forefront of moto culture for riders and laypeople alike. While there’s something to be said about getting on a bike and heading out onto the open road, that’s just one facet of the overall brand that Harley has cultivated over the years. In fact, I’d argue that more and more, people are drawn to the aesthetic of riding, versus the riding itself.

That’s why Harley-Davidson’s H-D Collections has come at the perfect time. This umbrella brand under the Harley-Davidson name will center on a group of lifestyle apparel lines which look to Harley’s legacy of heritage and craftsmanship, inviting riders and non-riders alike to enjoy this new direction from the brand.

Under the H-D Collections banner, there are currently three apparel lines: Bar & Shield, Harley-Davidson Originals, and Harley-Davidson Authorized Vintage. Each of these lines represent a different audience of the brand and a specific aspect of HD’s legacy that has brought consumers into the moto culture fold for generations.

Bar & Shield elevates traditional moto-wear into a veritable lifestyle brand with an updated approach to design that’s contemporary, but still with all of the design elements of traditional gear. This nascent brand from HD focuses on marrying engineering, functionality, and motorcycle culture into one.

Harley-Davidson Originals looks to the rich heritage of the brand for inspiration, but offers a more “grown-up” interpretation of classics. This Originals collection looks to a clean-slate approach with minimal design detailing for a subtle look with high branding impact.

Finally, and possibly most exciting of all, comes the Authorized Vintage line. Each item is, as Harley describes it, “painstakingly sourced and thoroughly vetted” to give modern consumers a taste of the past excellence of the heritage brand. The Authorized Vintage line will be an ever-changing stock of one-of-a-kind pieces that showcase the rich history of a brand defined by counter-cultural appeal and rugged sportsmanship alike.

The H-D Collections site is currently live with a wide range of products that provide a proper introduction into these three new lifestyle brands. Harley promises more products, new developments, and (possibly most exciting of all), new collaborations coming in the next year. Until then, here are five products that give a taste of what one can expect.

The Best Things in Harley-Davidson’s H-D Collections


Originals H-D Two-Tone Ringer

A monochromatic color scheme defines much of the H-D Collection and that gives you the opportunity to incorporate these garments easily into your existing wardrobe. Take, for example, this ringer tee. With a subtle contrast between dark grey and black, it’s just enough of a differentiation to make for an eye-catching design without being too noticeable or flashy.

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Originals MKE Nylon Workwear Jacket

It’s hard to divorce Harley Davidson’s history from its working class background and Milwaukee continues to be a source of inspiration from the brand. This nylon jacket has all the workwear elements that are popular today with a screen-printed racing graphic decorating the back to give it a little something “extra”.

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Authorized Vintage 1960s Cafe Racer Leather Riding Jacket

The Authorized Vintage line is a treasure chest of one-of-a-kind finds and this gorgeous brown leather jacket shows that good design never goes out of style. With a slim fit, it’s as stylish as it is functional and show how leather jackets define this era of Harley’s history.

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Bar & Shield Men’s Moto Mechanic Pants

If you’re looking for an elevated alternative to the classic workwear staple from Dickies, these mechanic pants offer a generous silhouette that’s big on style and performance. Made from cotton canvas, these are a rugged pant for throwing on for a night out or to go for a ride. But the devil, as they say, are in the details to make this an extraordinary pant, including: a waistband with elastic sides for additional comfort, a tool pocket, and a knee flap for additional comfort when working.

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Authorized Vintage 1980’s American Harley Tee

Harley’s t-shirts are almost as iconic as the brand’s motorcycles, so it’s no surprise that H-D Collections would stock a few. This bright blue tee was only available in Milwaukee during factory tours, giving it a bit of rarity on the market. But even without that provenance, so to speak, it’s just an exceptionally well-kept vintage tee, with just the right amount of fading and softness that only comes from pure vintage.

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