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The 10 Best Summer Suits for Every Budget in 2022

The 10 Best Summer Suits for Every Budget in 2022

Finding the right suit can be a challenge at any time – but especially in the summer months. The extra layers of fabric, mixed with the hot sun and dreaded humidity, can really limit the pleasures of dressing up. And with that excess heat comes a whole slew of other issues: not being able to wear light colors for fear of showing sweat stains; itchy rashes if the suit rubs the wrong way; and, perhaps, wearing too formal of a suit for a summer wedding.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, keep reading. We’ve put together a list of ten suits for summer across any budget. With July and August still ahead, make sure to bookmark this page. You never know when you’ll need it.

Best Suits for Summer Under $200


H&M Slim Fit Linen Suit

While I absolutely understand the criticism of fast fashion, it’s hard to deny that, in a pinch, H&M’s suiting section is a great choice. The linen suit separates offer a fitted tailored look while not compromising on breathability. With linen, you’re going to get better airflow and a fabric that will relax around your body throughout its wear. And at a great price point and a few color options, it’s definitely worth being on this list. Get the entire set for around $100.

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Express Slim Navy Belted Cotton Cropped Suit

Recently, Express has turned the corner from a back-to-school-shopping staple to a veritable mall destination all on its own. This suit is an example of why that is. Its slim line still has a little bit of relaxed feel around the jacket, making one able to move freely and not be too constrained. But the real beauty is in the details of the pants. The belt is a nice touch, while the cropped leg invites one to dress the look down with a pair of sneakers or sockless loafers.
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ASOS DESIGN Tapered Suit

A classic-lined suit with a tapered pant, this suit from ASOS DESIGN gives just the slightest update to the classics. I like the pattern for summer quite a lot — a mini herringbone print that is classic without being underwhelming, and the perfect suit for a wedding reception or, perhaps, a polo match in the area.
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Best Suits for Summer Under $1,000


Banana Republic Milano Linen Suit

Arguably my favorite option on the list, I had to put it first in this category. Sure, it’s a little higher on the price point, but you’re promised more mileage with a suit like this. A relaxed suit that’s meant for everyday wear, you’ll find excuses to throw on the blazer and walk out the door. I’m fond of the styling of a light-colored linen suit, where it’s a blank canvas to really let your accessories do all the talking.

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State and Liberty Athletic Fit Stretch Suit

I’ve written about State and Liberty before and I think they’re worth mentioning again here. If you’re like me, your body may be a little compact (I myself have larger thighs than I do waist and chest, making off-the-rack suits sometimes hard to pull off without a tailor). State and Liberty is built for bodies like mine. And, there’s the added benefit of the moisture-wicking interior fabric to avoid unsightly sweat marks before the photos even start.

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Bonobos Italian Stretch Cotton Suit

Undoubtedly a top contender for “Suit That Will Give You the Most Compliments”, Bonobos’ Italian Stretch Cotton separates come in confectionery colors that are perfect for summer. Not only that, but the small detailing in the trousers and classic cut jacket makes this not just your run-of-the-mill, off-the-rack option. Pair it with a polo to keep it casual and classic. You’re gonna look Old Hollywood in this one.

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Todd Snyder Japanese Chambray Traveler Suit

Being a big fan of Todd Snyder, it’s no surprise that he would make this list. But, what is surprising is the price for a suit from the brand. At this price point, I’m begging you to pick it up while you can. A totally relaxed option, the suit has limited tailoring and soft shoulders for a comfortable fit. The accompanying pants have a drawstring, elastic waist, and a wide pleat, giving this a decidedly WFH feel that’s become the new influence of menswear. It’s got style and substance with a name to boot. Definitely a top contender for the best option on this list.
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Indochino Sailsbury Suit

Sometimes the classics are the best option and Indochino makes one classic suit. With a two-button regular-fit jacket and matching pants, the Sailsbury is a suit for any occasion and will give you the extra miles to take this option into spring and fall.
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Best Suits for Summer Under $10,000


Giuliva Heritage Aldo Blazer / Umberto Pants

What you get with Giuliva Heritage is a culmination of fine Italian tailoring in an old-world way. Giuliva has made a name for itself in recent years as an alternative to fast fashion and works diligently to make garments that respect tradition while building a brand that’s somehow still modern. These separates do just that. The Aldo jacket is a perfectly three-button blazer in wool, silk, and linen to give the perfect drape and construction. The Umberto pants in wool Tasmania have a higher rise to meet the third button of the Aldo with an open leg, just how your nonno used to wear.

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Brunello Cucinelli Ready to Wear Suit

This selection may be a little more inspirational than aspirational, but dammit, I couldn’t not include. Cucinelli knows design and there’s no denying that the quality and craftsmanship of this suit would be incomparable to others in your wardrobe. The pleats give it an overall classic look while the blue is just a smidge more modern than, say, navy. It’s these small details which don’t scream luxury – but whispers it to those in the know.
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