When it comes to picking out the perfect gift for the man who taught you how to use a socket wrench and ride a bike, there are a lot of great options. If your dad is anything like ours, what he’ll appreciate most is a day off and all the gear that will help him enjoy it. These are our favorite gifts to help day chill this Father’s Day.


Ray-Ban Justin @collection Sunglasses

Dad’s probably been wearing the same pair of aviators you’ll find him rocking in pictures you dig out of old photo albums. While we’re all for the “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach, variety is the spice of life. He’ll appreciate these Ray-Ban exclusive shades because they’re essentially a hybrid of the classic Clubmaster and Wayfarer styles rendered in a muted gray that will go with absolutely anything he wants to wear.


UNIQLO AIRism Full-Zip Hoodie

If your dad is anything like ours, he’s never heard of UNIQLO. If we asked him about it, he’d probably think it was some sort of fancy new technology that makes his watch glow in the dark instead of one of our favorite shops for quality basics at affordable prices. With a cool and comfortable fit, quick-drying technology and double layered construction, the UNIQLO AIRism Full-Zip Hoodie is quickly going to become his favorite sweatshirt for everything from lounging to yard work.


Timex MK1 Steel Chronograph

[Partner] Timex is a stalwart watch brand that’s been making some of your favorite everyday watches since long before you were even old enough to wear a watch. They’re turning their watchful eye to the world of military-spec watches with the new MK1 Steel Chronograph. Timex forged its iconic, military-spec chronograph watch in aircraft-quality steel with a matte finish. A domed lens and black fabric strap completes a look built for everyday maneuvers. Whether you pair it with a suit or a pair of shorts, this is one watch that’s sure to impress.


KOIO Italian Made Sneakers

[Partner] Founded in 2014, Koio is redefining the standards for luxury brands around the world by focusing on a few simple principles. First, every part of their manufacturing process takes place in Italy because that’s what “Made in Italy” should mean. Second, Koio factories adhere to fair working conditions and pay for all employees. Finally, Koio sneakers will always be built for those that take initiative and carve out their own journey. These sneakers are handcrafted for guys like you and built to last from Brooklyn to Berlin.


Ward Bennett Book

In all honesty, you could hook the old man up with almost any book from the Phaidon collection and he would love it. This year, we’re going with the newly released Ward Bennett, an almost 300-page coffee table tome dedicated to the man that defined an era of American interior and furniture design. Why? Dad appreciates great design, quality products and obscure bits of information. There is perhaps no better combination of those three things than a Phaidon produced book about Ward Bennett.


Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock

If you don’t immediately think of a long afternoon nap in a hammock when you hear the word “chill,” you’re probably not a dad. Made out of lightweight and durable 70D parachute nylon, this hammock can be easily set up or moved whenever the mood strikes. There’s even bug net protection so he doesn’t have to worry about the skeeters if his terrible joke writing sessions stretch into the evening. Dad will also appreciate the fact that this hammock comes with a carry bag and all the carabiners, ropes and cords he’ll need so he doesn’t have to worry about digging out tools.


Bormioi Faceted Whiskey Glasses

Whether the whiskey is being consumed neat or on the rocks, there needs to be a great set of glasses involved. These Bormioli Faceted Whiskey Glasses are those glasses, and your father needs a set of his own. The set of four gorgeous glasses comes in either “Clear” or “Smoke” depending on his personal taste and what will fit into his collection. Better yet, the entire gorgeous set costs less than thirty bucks, so you’ll have enough leftover cash to get him a bottle of something nice he can share with you.


Sony Premium Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds

We’re not going to say the man responsible for raising you is going to put these noise-cancelling earbuds in so he can drown out the entire world around him for some much deserved peace and quiet. But if that’s his goal, these are a great option. Great for drowning out the everyday or a long flight, these digital noise-cancelling headphones have a 9-hour battery life (when you factor in the carrying case) and smart listening technology to sensor ambient noises. When it comes to gifts, it doesn’t hurt that these bear the name of a brand that dad knows and loves, Sony.


Clarks Ranger Sandals

Despite what you were led to believe growing up—and we can’t believe we’re about to say this—the “cool kids,” including Dads everywhere, are actually wearing socks with sandals these days. We’re not saying that’s any sort of reason to encourage it, but if he’s going to to do it anyway, he might as well be wearing a great pair of sandals like these Clarks Ranger joints. With construction and detailing techniques true to their roots from the early 19th century, these are the perfect go-to sandals for the dad who’s already into Clarks famous desert boots.


Sugarfina Dark Chocolate Bourbon Bears

If your old man has a sweet tooth or a penchant for bourbon, these Sugarfina Dark Chocolate Bourbon Bears are sure to be a hit. These indulgent gummies are infused with single-barrel bourbon and dipped in rich, 64% Parisian dark chocolate to create a treat that is so delicious and unique that someone is going to have a problem not eating the full pound in one sitting. 


DUER No Sweat Pant

DUER has been one of our favorite manufacturers of casual workplace pants for as long as we can remember. The most important part of the No Sweat Pant is that they’re stylish enough to wear in most workplaces while feeling like sweatpants thanks to the innovative and comfortable N2x fabric. Does dad have a pair of pants like this? Of course not… and that’s exactly why you should pick him up a pair or two in one of the ten colors they come in.


SterlingPro Double-Wall Stainless 1L French Press

Sweat through your shirt before you even get to work temperatures? Old man’s still drinking hot coffee. Already consumed your eight glasses of water for the day and still feeling dehydrated? Old man’s still drinking hot coffee. It honestly baffles us because we’ll start drinking cold brew before the air conditioners come on, but he’s allowed to be set in his ways. That doesn’t mean you can’t hook him up with a better way to enjoy his morning coffee. With a 1L capacity, this stainless steel, mirror finish, dishwasher safe French press is the way to go.

71906_SP1_All_Grid_Cigars_Hero_Overhead_a (1)

There are lots of gifts you can give or get that fit the bill, but few things check the boxes like a good bunch of cigars. That’s where La Aurora comes in with their Cigar Sampling Packs. The original Dominican Cigar company that has been hand-rolling high-quality cigars in the Dominican since 1903, La Aurora has the perfect gift for anyone on your list and they start at just over six bucks a stick. As if that deal wasn’t enough, for a limited time you can get free shipping to 43 states, so try La Aurora today.