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7 Flasks Built for Campsite Sipping

7 Flasks Built for Campsite Sipping

Camping is perfect for anyone who wants to get away from the stresses of work and just be one with nature for a few days. Nothing is more manly than building your own campfire and cooking dinner over it, preferably something you caught yourself (though that’s not a requirement.  No shame in grocery store fish or steak). But, after you’ve eaten your fill, you’ll probably want to sip on something with a little more kick than a glass of water. For that, you’ll need a rugged, durable flask. Fill it with your favorite spirit, and we’ll leave the sharing up to you.

Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask

The name alone makes this a fairly imposing sounding flask. This flask only weighs a little under 4 ounces, but it can hold up to 8 ounces of whiskey, vodka, tequila or whatever else you want to wash down your flame-grilled hotdogs. It comes with a silicone funnel so you can fill it up with more booze if you run out after passing it around the campfire. $75

Stanley Adventure eCycle Flask

The fact that it says “Adventure” right in the name should let you know that there probably aren’t a lot of flasks better suited for camping. This flask, made of recycled plastic, hold 7 ounces of delicious liquid. It’s completely leak proof and can be thrown right into the dishwasher after you return from your nature excursions. $15

Hydro Flask The Rocks Cup

This one’s not so much your traditional flask, but it’s perfect for outdoor boozing, so we figure it fits into the category. It even says on the site that it’s “ideal for a 3-finger pour”. The double-walled insulation will keep your liquid cold for hours. It’s also stainless steel and BPA-free so you can feel good about being environmentally conscious while you get your drink on. $30

Glacier Stainless Hip Flask

This rugged flask is made of durable stainless steel and has an extra wide mouth so you won’t be sipping at something more akin to a hamster’s water bottle.  That’s good, because your favorite mezcal, gin or Scotch isn’t meant to be taken at a drip. The microfiber storage bag can also be used as a cleaning cloth if you happen to drop it in mud while you’re out hiking in the great outdoors. $30

Nalgene Flask

Sometimes simple is better and this flask is about as simple as it gets. Fitting, becasue Nalgene is known for its simplicity, which may also directly contribute to its durability. You can pretty much run Nalgene bottles over with your car and they won’t break.  That’s figurative though, so don’t go throwing it under your SUV and gunning it. $9

Bush Smarts Hip Flask

This is another rugged flask made of plastic. Throw this flask into the bottom of your backpack and have no fear of breaking or leaking. You can rest easy knowing that the only way your booze is going to end up splashing in your bag or on the ground is user error. It also comes with a leather cord to easily attach it to your bag. $23

Innate Trad Flask

This stainless-steel flask was designed to contour to your hand. It’s perfectly shaped for gripping while you spend your days rock climbing or hiking, so long as you don’t try to grip both at the same time.  One handed rock climbing only ends one way and broken bones are involved. It also contains a specially designed “keyhole” lid retainer and comes equipped with a funnel for easy refills. $10

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