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The 10 Best Men’s Bathing Suits You Can Wear This Summer

The 10 Best Men’s Bathing Suits You Can Wear This Summer

Consider the bathing suit. Is there an article of clothing that makes one more self-conscious while also being the most relaxing thing to have on in the summer? Other than a kaftan, not that I can think of.

With warmer weather ahead, it’s time to start thinking of what you’re going to wear inside and outside of the water to keep stylish and comfortable. Whether you’re looking to dress up your trunks for a dinner reservation or go full Olympian in some tight-fitting briefs, these 10 bathing suits for men pair perfectly with sand and sun while upgrading your wardrobe along the way.

The Best Men’s Bathing Suits in 2023

Patagonia Men’s 5” Baggies Shorts

Patagonia Men’s 5” Baggies Shorts

I love a short inseam and I love Patagonia, so these were a definite pick for me. Offering a relaxed fit on the thighs to let your boys breathe, you can wear these shorts/bathing suit all day in and out of the pool. Further, as with most of what Patagonia offers, these shorts are produced from 100% post-consumer recycled nylon faille, which is made from recycled fishing nets to help reduce ocean plastic pollution. You’ll feel good wearing these, in more ways than one.
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Frescobol Carioca Tailored Swim Shorts

Frescobol Carioca Tailored Swim Shorts

Trust Brazilians to know good swimwear. Sure, you can get any old men’s bathing suit, or you can get these. A tailored fit is pretty rare for swimwear, but these do it so well, that I don’t really want to see anyone try to imitate them. From the high rise to the side buttons, it has as much care in the design as a suit pant, but is a lot more fun to wear.

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J Crew 6” Trunk in Seersucker_

J Crew 6” Trunk in Seersucker

Head from Malibu to Nantucket with these seersucker trunks from J. Crew. Can anything be more prep? I like these for their versatility – they almost don’t look like swim apparel at all. In fact this bathing suit could easily pass for a pair of comfortable shorts. With a slim fit and an old-school drawstring, you’re looking at an Ivy League summer, no matter where you’re at.
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Bonobos Riviera Recycled Swim Trunks

Bonobos Riviera Recycled Swim Trunks

Another classic trunk with just about any color and pattern for you to choose from, the Bonobos Riviera is a modest option from a brand that makes clothes to wear all day, any day. And if you’re a little – ahem – packed in the front, the jersey mesh is a breathable, comfortable lining that won’t cause extra friction or constriction.
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Dandy Del Mar The Belize Swim Brief_

Dandy Del Mar The Belize Swim Brief

I had to include Dandy Del Mar, but couldn’t choose which of their products to highlight. I went with the swim brief, since I realized I hadn’t included one on the list and, frankly, I like the colors a lot. These briefs are a nod to the Mediterranean and come in some nice tonal shades that highlight the region well. The vertical stripes act as a trompe-l’œil on your package for an added effect for your ego. These briefs may seem out of your comfort zone, but trust me when I say they’re right in line with the ethos of Dandy Del Mar, which is all about maximum leisure with minimum coverage. And, if you’re not about to jump aboard the swim brief train, they have plenty of other great men’s bathing suit options.
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Charlie by Matthew Zink Square Cut Brief

While it may not be for everyone, those who have the body (and the confidence) to pull off a pair of swim briefs will love Charlie’s Square Cut option. With a wider cut along the waist and a generous front pouch to avoid any embarrassing bulges, it’s a great pair of swim briefs for anyone who is looking to add a little bit of European swagger to their Summer wardrobe.

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Abercrombie & Fitch Pull-on Swim Trunk

As A&F continues to put out style after style that’s competitive among bigger brands, their Summer offerings show the new range and direction for the brand. These trunks are available in over twenty colors and patterns, giving you multiple options that fit your personal style. The 5” inseam also updates this garment to a more modern appeal, versus a bulkier fit.

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Save the Ducks Ademir Swimwear

Save the Ducks may be mostly known for their outerwear, but don’t pass up the chance to give their stellar swimwear another look. With bold patterns and a generous cut, they’re comfortable while not being too conservative. Save the Ducks is especially exciting for those who want to mitigate landfill waste, and these trunks are made from recycled polyester with the website boasting that for each pair of trunks purchased, you’re giving six plastic bottles a new purpose.

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Orlebar Brown Springer Shorts

With a high cut and tailored fit, Orlebar Brown’s shorts more closely resemble a menswear garment than, perhaps, a piece of swimwear. From the side tabs to the pared-down fit, it’s evident that this is a brand that takes generous inspiration from classic Hollywood style and adapting it to the modern man.

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Hemingsworth Clipper Swimshort

Pick any of Hemingsworth’s swimshorts and it’s easy to see that the brand is dedicated to updating classics with a decidedly British lean. With an emphasis on tailoring and quality materials, the Clipper swimshort is an exceptional balance between form and function. With side tabs for easily adjusting the waist to mother-of-pearl buttons to an overall classic construction, every part of the Clipper short is a testament to the brand’s ethos. And, what’s more, they even offer jackets in matching styles to the swimshorts to complete the look for days lounging poolside or evenings spent yacht-hopping.

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