f you have the coin and want to buy dad his dream car, go for it. We’re sure it will go over well and you’ll probably get a call from Ellen. That said, you don’t need to dip into your savings account to win Father’s Day. A simple, thoughtful gift and some quality time with your old man is a winning formula. You carve out the time to share a drink and we’ll help you with the small token of appreciation. Here are 50 gifts under $50 each we’re sure he’ll love.


Bensly Underwear

[Partner] Bensly specializes in ridiculously comfortable underwear. Each pair is made to your unique dimensions with a proprietary 4-way stretch fabric that’s softer than silk, more breathable than linen and more absorbent than cotton. Thanks to the no-roll waistband & 3 different inseam styles, your underwear will fit snugly on the waist & legs without being too tight around the midsection. Bensly even guarantees their cool, cozy and highly rated underwear with free returns for 100 days. It’s underwear so comfortable you might never want to take it off.