Instead of wading through the massive amount of new app releases searching for a few diamonds in the rough, let us be your guide. This is a collection of the best new apps for both iOS and Android for your downloading pleasure.


If you don’t spend time in New York, this new all-in-one app from the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) isn’t something newsworthy for you. If, however, you live in NYC or spend any amount of time in the five boroughs, you’re going to want to install the appropriately title MYmta app immediately. The new app works for buses, subways and the LIRR and Metro North trains so you can plan trips, get personalized email and text alerts, check on planned and unplanned service changes, and find nearby stations, stops and alternative routes when everything invariably goes to shit with your commute. iOS Android

Moment Pro Camera

Moment originally popped up on everyone’s radar for their line of iPhone camera lenses and lens cases. They’re doubling down on their smartphones as better cameras initiatives with the new version of their Moment Pro Camera app. Billed as “big camera controls, now on your phone,” the Moment app is probably the closest you’ll get to DSLR functionality while only carrying your phone. Shutter speed and ISO control in an app! RAW, TIFF, HEIF and HEVC  format shooting! Live histogram! Google Camera 2 API and Apple 3D Touch functionality! If you shoot on your phone at all, this is the best three bucks you’ll ever spend. iOS Android

Google Podcasts

This is almost impossible to believe, but Google, the same company with at least two different email apps and who knows how many chat apps, hasn’t had an official podcasts app since long before most of us were binging the 15 podcasts every guy should know. They’ve finally thrown their hat back in the ring with an Android-only option called, you guessed it, Google Podcasts. Much like the other new iterations of Google apps, the focus here is on simplicity with an easy-to-use interface and a barebones amount of controls. If you want to be able to listen across devices while saving your place, connect to a Google Home speaker or access access the reported 2 million podcasts indexed in the search, Google Podcasts might just dethrone your current favorite. Android


When it comes to jet lag, the general rule of thumb is that you’ll be messed up one day for each time zone you crossed while traveling. No one has time for that. We all need to start adventuring or checking things off the back to work to-do list, which is where Timeshifter comes in. Developed with a Harvard Medical School Associate Professor based on the latest sleep and circadian rhythm neuroscience, Timeshifter uses a complex algorithm to individually tailor a list of small actions based on your chronotype (early bird or night owl), flight plan and sleep pattern. Something as simple as seeing bright light for three hours or avoiding caffeine for nine hours can help you beat jet lag to help you hit the ground running whether you’re coming or going. iOS Android

Holiday Swap

By the age of 25, James Asquith had earned a Guinness World Record for becoming the youngest person to travel all 196 sovereign countries in the world. After accomplishing that monumental feat, Asquith set about making travel more accessible and affordable for everyone–that’s when Holiday Swap was born. Billed as the “Tinder of Travel” by Business Insider, and one of the Best New Mobile App Awards silver medal recipients, Holiday Swap is a travel app that lets you swap accommodations with other travels looking to experience your neck of the woods. In practice, it’s like Airbnb combined with Facebook combined with Gchat to create an travel social community filled with cheap places to stay that are as cool as the humble abode you plan on offering up in return. iOS Android


If you’re anything like us, you spend far more time on Instagram than you do on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or any of the other social networks that are popular these days. There’s just something about the visual sharing platform that consistently draws our attention, so it should come as no surprise that the new IGTV is on our list of New Apps You Should Know. Almost a decade after launching the community that would grow to a billion monthly active users, Instagram has finally launched a new experience and dedicated app called IGTV. The aim is to target longform vertical video creators–aka mobile first, the way you’re probably already holding your phone–whether they’re professional content creators or you couch cowboys looking to take the world by storm. iOS Android

Adobe Spark Post

Want to create stunning graphics for your latest entrepreneurial endeavor, social campaign or personal project? Look no farther than Adobe Spark Post. If you’re on the Android platform, this app will give you access to the magic of Adobe without requiring a full-fledged desktop, design degree or advanced experience. Just pick your photos, add some text and apply some Design Filters to instantly create eye-catching and professional graphics for emails, flyers, upcoming events, or social media posts. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to create fantastic campaigns, and best of all, you don’t even need a computer. Android


Boiled down to its most basic functionality, Heir is an app that lets users vote on hip-hop tracks to declare them fire or dead. If you call it right, you get clout and real rewards. If you call it wrong, well, that should go without saying. Backed by the infamous Pusha-T, slightly related note: check out the Rémy Ginger cocktail for something we feel like Pusha-T would appreciate, Heir is an app that lets you earn “Crown” for every correct guess and, well, lose it for every wrong one. It’s an interesting concept with real world consequences that could see quite a few influencers flexing their cred when it comes to what they know and what they don’t. For now, it’s invite only, but we expect that to change in the relatively near future. Beta Invite


Can’t decide on a phone case with a wallet, grip or stand feature? With Monet, you don’t have to. The multi-function wallet attaches easily to the back of any phone to give you wallet, grip and stand functionality. There are two slots for commonly used cards and a sliding grip that also doubles as a stand. Monet is available in over two dozen colors ranging from solids to prints, so there’s an option for everyone. Even better, Monet is giving you 20% off with code MONETSCHOOL20 at checkout. Upgrade your phone today.