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Wear This: Chopping Wood

Wear This: Chopping Wood

On a cold night, few things are as satisfying as a roaring fire. Whether you’re setting up your fire pit, building a campfire, or loading a fireplace, you’ll need to acquire some wood to get started. While you could go out and buy some, we recommend getting it the old fashioned way. With Membership Rewards® from American Express, you can use the points you earn to gear up before you go out in the cold. We’ve created a go-to list of apparel you can grab, some of which is available simply through Amazon. (Did you know you can set your American Express card to the default payment, and then when you go to log out, you can pay in full or even partially with points?)

  • True Pair Shooting Fleece Jacket – $135
  • Eddie Bauer Wolverine Boots – $160
  • Smith Mens Rib Knit Cap – $40
  • Naked and Famous Selvedge Denim – $150
  • Ralph Lauren Plain Twill Workshirt – $125
  • 5.11 Screen Ops Tactical Gloves – $89
  • Snow and Nealley Single Bit Ave – $60

How will you use the points you earn to gear up for winter or freshen up what’s in your dresser?

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