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Spring Means Florals. Here’s How to Wear Them and the Best Pieces To Buy

Spring Means Florals. Here’s How to Wear Them and the Best Pieces To Buy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 17 years, then you probably know the scene (or, at the very least, the gif) in The Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep’s character utters the now infamous line, “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.”

You may be thinking the same thing as the fictional Miranda Priestly when it comes to shopping for some spring wardrobe staples, but I’m here to tell you that florals are still very much on-trend. Florals add a touch of flair to an otherwise mundane outfit. A regular camp collar shirt now becomes everyone’s favorite camp collar shirt when a bit of floral embroidery work is added. Same goes for a hat or a casual t-shirt. Somehow, that little bit of detailing has a big impact, and what better time to enjoy it than in Springtime?

The key to wearing florals is, of course, to do it intentionally and rather subtly. Try not to mix patterns too much and avoid any busy overall print, or you run the risk of it becoming overpowering. Instead, opt for subtle detailing or a single addition to a garment versus an all-over pattern.

So while florals may not be groundbreaking this time of year, they are appropos and, above all, a fun way to add personality to reinvigorate your outfits after the dull winter doldrums.

The Best Floral Pieces for Spring


Tombolo Sunny Disposition Shirt

This floral pattern is an abstract expression of a daisy field by artist Thomas Heinz, which gives the traditional floral design a contemporary upgrade. Tombolo makes fantastic leisure pieces and this shirt, with its comfortable cut and made from breathable Tencel will be the perfect accompaniment into warmer months ahead.

Buy Now $128


Abercrombie & Fitch Linen Blend Embroidered Shirt

As you may have noticed by now, A&F has really been putting out some great pieces and that includes this embroidered shirt. The large floral print is subdued by not repeating, giving this garment some restraint and sophistication way above its reasonable price point.

Buy Now $70


Percival Wild Flower T-Shirt

If you want to just dabble into florals, might I suggest this shirt by Percival? With its minimal design and subtle bit of detailing, this embroidered chest patch will give you just the hint of Springtime flair.

Buy Now $68


Aimé Leon Dore Brushed Crest Hat

Aimé Leon Dore is a cult favorite for a reason. With its use of restraint and attention to detail, ALD produces wearable garments without ever running the risk of being too bold, too brash, or too loud. Take, for instance, this cap. It would have been so easy for ALD to do an all-over floral embroidery, but instead it reduced the design to the bare minimum against a solid background, giving us the most impact for a great everyday piece to throw on.

Buy Now $60


Sandro Paris Tulip Print Shirt

Sandro continues to add French sensibility to traditional menswear and their tulip print shirt shows how well the brand can play with themes without running the risk of overdoing it. Even though the pattern is bold, the white background offsets its “loudness”, giving you a shirt that can be dressed up for a Spring wedding or to pair with some linen pants for a casual warm-weather look.

Buy Now $280


Bode Flower Basket Shirt

The masters of the artisanal brand, Bode produces intricate one-of-a-kind pieces which highlights the intricacies and craftsmanship behind their products. The star of the show for the Flower Basket shirt is the back, which has a detailed reproduction of an embroidered floral still life. It’s an unusual take on the floral theme that I, simply, just love.

Buy Now $548


Perte d’Ego Tranquility Lounge Shorts

Perte d’Ego makes a lot of floral-inspired garments, but their Tranquility Lounge Shorts, with its bold flowers and neutral backdrop, takes the crown for me. I love the idea of pairing these shorts with a simple shirt, like a white button-down or t-shirt, to balance out the look and really highlight the detailing of these shorts.

Buy Now $65


Todd Snyder Japanese Floral Vine Chore Coat

For a totally subtle approach to the floral theme for spring, you can’t go wrong with what Todd Snyder has created with their Japanese Floral Vine Chore Coat. From afar, it looks like a neutral coat; but the devil, as they say, is in the details. Look closely and you’ll see that a floral pattern runs vertically throughout the garment, giving the shirt just enough visual differentiation to intrigue the eye without losing any of the shirt’s overal neutrality to wear just about anywhere.

Buy Now $298
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