Abandoned Luxury Cars of Dubai


Don’t you hate it when you have too many luxury cars? I mean, how annoying is that?! You’re always like, “Man, I don’t even know where to park all these luxury cars.” Well, it’s actually a problem in Dubai. The city has been faced with the issue of people abandoning their high end sports cars and leaving them to gather dust. After Dubai had a bit of a financial meltdown, car owners riddled with debt just started leaving their rides at the airport and taking off. The cars are still there.







Photo Sources: Nigel S, Didi Paterno, Petes–travels, Danny McL, Benoit Pinon, Eccentric M, MickyMazda


  • Jan D.

    Now my stomache hurts…

  • @DrHoffman

    Mmm… Did the money really exist or did the bank just print more credit???

  • Jayar

    so how do we get em out of there? how much will it take?

  • wibisanaud

    Hate to be that guy….. but this is the answer to why world hunger is not answered.

  • bob

    Yep, completely obscene.

  • Winston Heard

    does repossession not exist there? plus, any car sitting out in that desert heat for an extended period of time is likely ruined.

  • Lone Wolf Renegade

    Oh, that’s where I left my Enzo

  • http://twitter.com/Joseph_Sorbara Joseph Sorbara

    These people are as filthy as the dirt that lays on these exotics..read about what they’ve done to foreignors abroad there

  • AJK

    They have to leave them at the airport. There are no bankruptcy laws there and if you fall behind on a debt you go to prison. Considering the banks in Dubai can call your debt to be paid in full at their leisure, many people are forced to leave without any recourse.

  • Barrett Benton

    What the article fails to mention is one of the reasons Dubai’s airport parking lots are overrun with dust-gatheting exotica: in the US, if you lose your shirt, you lose your car and maybe your house; in Dubai, you lose your car, your house…and they throw your livin’-too-large butt in debtor’s prison. Ain’t monarchies fun?

  • rudeboi

    WTF do you even say about this? I just got done looking at a photo essay on the poor people of Saudi Arabia. In the effing streets begging and hoping not to end up in “chop chop square”. The human experiment has failed and the reset button is outta reach.

  • Sheri Shirey McNear

    I guess I won’t be moving to Dubai after all. Thanks for the info!

  • Sheri Shirey McNear

    I’m gonna open up a car orphanage in Dubai

  • Mikeinthedirt

    Reset button not too far.

  • Joshua Oyen

    Why would you paint a Delorean red?

  • Barrett Benton

    Its Dubai. You do – or did – practically whatever you want. No accounting for taste of course.

  • Barrett Benton

    We don’t, or to put it more correctly, can’t. You’d think the banks would want to try and recoup whatever losses they took with these people, but leaving those machines to wither under that blazing Middle Eastern sun isn’t doing jack for their resale value.

  • PoopSimpson

    I really like the fact that there’s a DeLorean in Dubai

  • http://www.danieljohnston.net/ Daniel Johnston

    That’s why the DeLorean is there. You can go back to when they aren’t yet dust covered.

  • Juan Carlos Ruiz

    There seems to be an assumption in these comments that these are people abandoning vehicles in the way many people abandoned homes whose mortgages were underwater.

    In this case, many of those cars are zero-debt, owned by people who are so filthy rich, they just don’t care. Life in Dubai got crappy, the bottom is falling out and all that. So they leave their stuff behind and go home or go elsewhere, or whatever, and leave not just luxury cars, but entire, furnished debt-free homes as well.

    Technically, of course, they still own that stuff… so the owners of many of these cars could, at any moment, come back and claim them. And that’s as likely as you or I returning to the other side of town to retrieve the Bic pen we left at the restaurant.

  • Detroit Mike

    Bunch of a-holes …

  • Winston Heard


  • Winston Heard

    that may be the case. and almost understandable in a Bizarro way with a car like a “run of the mill” Porsche Cayman. but if times got rough and I needed to unload an Enzo, i’d think i could do it pretty easily and pretty quickly before hightailing it out of town.

  • Emily

    Can I ship one of those to myself????

  • vanti

    Abandoned or just photographed right after one of those sand storms they get?

  • Slenderman

    You Know why the Porsche Cayman is left there? The Front is completely obliterated