We Tasted Nine Sriracha Sauces to Find the Best

The Great Sriracha Shortage of 2014 was a tad overblown. With only a month’s worth of shipment problems, you probably never even had an issue stocking your shelf. Still, the scare got us thinking, “Is the classic Huy Fong Foods rooster sauce really the sriracha you should be using anyway?” We gathered up nine different versions of the Thai sauce and hosted a blind taste test to find out which should be your spicy condiment of choice. We ranked both overall flavor and heat level in an attempt to find the best of the bunch. These are the surprising results (all ratings are based on a scale of 0-5):

Panich-sriracha-29) Sriraja Panich Chilli Sauce – This is the classic sriracha from Thailand and it has a flavor that’s completely different from what you might be used to. It’s tangy and oddly reminiscent of saltwater and seafood. It is also extremely garlicky. Different and not our cup of tea.
Rating: 2.4 • Heat: 2.2Buy

shark-brand-28) Shark Brand Sriracha – Despite many glowing reviews online and being the sriracha of choice for James Beard Award-winning chef, Andy Ricker, we weren’t all that impressed with Shark Brand Sriracha. While some of us found it decent at best, the majority found it far too thin with too much back-end heat.
Rating: 2.5 • Heat: 2.5Buy

sky-valley-2T-6) Organicville Sky Valley Sriracha Sauce – Mild with a nice little smokiness to it, Sky Valley Sriracha Sauce lets the flavor of cayenne peppers and jalapenos come through without bashing your palate with heat.
Rating: 2.9 • Heat: 1.8Buy

pain-is-good-sriracha-2T-6) Pain is Good Sriracha Pepper Sauce – While Pain is Good Sriracha Pepper Sauce packs more of a spicy punch than Organicville’s offering, it doesn’t quite deliver what you might expect after hearing the brand’s name.
Rating: 2.9 • Heat: 2.7Buy

three-mountains-sriracha-25) Three Mountains Sriracha – In a way, Three Mountains Sriracha is like an improved version of Sriraja Panich. It has a great tanginess to it that gets balanced by a sweetness that’s not too cloying. We’re not saying we need overly spicy, but Three Mountains Sriracha needed more of a kick for us. Not our favorite, but far from bad.
Rating: 3 • Heat: 1.7Buy


lee-kum-kee-sriracha-24) Lee Kum Kee Sriracha Sauce – The main knock on this sauce was that it was a bit too sweet for some of us. While some found it cloying, a few really enjoyed the unique sweetness it brought to the table. It also had a hint of fishiness that, while not overpowering, definitely turned some of us a touch off.
Rating: 3.4 • Heat: 2.5Buy

crying-tiger-hot-sriracha-23) Crying Tiger Sriracha Hot Sauce – Now this is a sriracha that delivers both flavor and heat. For some, the heat that creeps up is a bit too overpowering so it’s clearly not the perfect choice for everybody. That said, most of us found it pretty tasty with bright flavors.
Rating: 3.5 • Heat: 3.5Buy

KIM-tU-THAP-SIRACHA-22) Kim Tu Thap Sriracha – There is a wonderful smokiness to Kim Tu Thap Sriracha that adds an element to your food that no other sriracha on this list could. It’s also a tad thicker than some of the sauces here and coats food nicely. While hot, you don’t lose the flavor to a scorched palate. It scored very well across the board.
Rating: 3.9 • Heat: 4Buy

hung-fung-food-inc-sriracha-2Huy Fong Foods Sriracha – We fully planned on crowning a new sriracha champion and riding off into the sunset as champions of flavor discovery. We were gravely mistaken. When we finished the blind tasting and looked at our pick for the tastiest, we found a familiar friend. Maybe we’re just so used to it or maybe it really is just that good, but there’s a beautiful showcase of peppers going on here with flavors that don’t get lost in the heat. The tanginess is ideal and makes for the complex sauce you know and probably love. It scored highly with all of us and many picked it as their favorite by a wide margin.
Rating: 4.4 • Heat: 2.8


  • Clayton McGratty

    Hung Fung? Seriously?

  • sojo2600

    I know, right? The correct spelling is right there on the image of the bottle!

  • Charles Guenther

    No double golden fish or flying goose, this list is poorly researched those two are the best of the american style sriracha; which is what this list is. Shark is the closest to the traditional style.

  • Suthee T.

    The original Sriraja Panich, where Sriracha Chili Sauce originated, gets to be number 9 on your list? Now I can understand how people love Thai food in their country more than having it in Thailand.

  • yumtacos

    Weird. Huy Fong is the most white-people-ish sriracha there is. I mean, no subtlety, no garlic flavor, hardly any acid, just heat with very little flavor compared to most other brands.

    I’ve never heard of anyone preferring Huy Fong over others. I think it’s perfectly decent as a condiment once in awhile, but not for cooking; it’s just so one-note.

    Sorry, but this just makes you seem really naïve.

  • Faye Cacount

    Why are you sorry?

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/KizoneKaprow Kizone Kaprow

    “I’ve never heard of anyone preferring Huy Fong over others.”

    See also: He doesn’t know anyone who voted for Nixon.

  • Eighty-eight

    This is like blasphemy. The original use of Sriracha is to accompany seafood.

  • ChalkyStudebaker

    Probably for being a racist dick.

  • Jesus

    Lol this is not racist at all

  • http://twitch.com/summit1g NightPaws1

    Is it racist if it is factual?

  • Jack Douangboutdy

    That is silly, Sriraja Panich is the least like. Anyway as for me, #8 is my choice. I usually put that on all my rice seafood or chicken porridge, even on my pho. Once awhile I hear people asking, why hasn’t Huy Fong sue Trader Joe’s and others for copying them. Well, the answer is, he can’t. Like Suthee said, Panich was the first Sriracha sauce. Somewhere before arriving in the states, Mr.Tran (founder of Huy Fong) must of taste some sort of Sriracha in Thailand. Remember he’s Vietnamese and naming his sauce Sriracha is a given. Still if it isn’t for his version, most of us probably be stuck with Tobasco. So thank you and congrats Mr.Tran.

  • Yama Pearmrasri

    Marketing Ad right?

    I’m chef and cooking in many country. I never use Huy Fong brand for Sriracha sauce. I use only sambal product form this brand. Huy Fong Sriracha sauce taste and smell is very terrible for me.

  • Leigh Sheppard

    Well, as described, this was a BLIND taste test so brand preference/historical origins/marketing is removed from the picture. The BIG question is, “Who is on the panel of judges, how many, gender, ethnicity mix, profession and age,” Assuming a representative and large enough mix of the above groupings, then who can argue with the results. Of course, this could be akin to the Pepsi Challenge paradox (Google that!) in that sample size could have a huge influence on the results as well. That said, I’m a guy who likes variety in food, I’d be delighted to be able to try them all at some point in my life. I’d be interested to know where I can go to find such a choice? I’ve only ever seen 3 of the 9 on local shelves.