Flight 001 Spacepak

Honestly, we didn't care all that much about being efficient packers until the airlines started charging for extra luggage. That was supposed to be booze money for the flight. Luckily Flight 001 has got your back with the Spacepak. The Spacepack compresses your stuff and keeps everything packed neatly in separate bags ... continue reading
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Biometric Business Case

If the contents of your business case are top secret, you need more than a combination lock to keep it safe. Anyone could leak a combination (or admittedly forget one) but someone would have to do something really drastic (like cut off of a finger) to get into this case. The Biometric Business Case offers spy-movie-grade ... continue reading
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Ministry of Supply’s Gemini Dress Shirt Never Has to Be Ironed or Dry Cleaned SPONSORED

Most dress shirts are incredibly uncomfortable and require lots of upkeep. Not the case with Ministry of Supply's new Gemini Dress Shirt. Featuring 2-way stretch material design, the shirt is made for your body in motion. And thanks to a custom fabric blend that combines the temperature regulating PCM from their Apollo shirt and some traditionally structured cotton, you won't feel stuffy and sweaty wearing it. It's also incredibly easy to care for—there's no dry cleaning or ironing necessary, and wrinkles come out as you wear it. You can look better, feel better, and ditch the standard dress shirt hassle. ... check it out
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Maptote City Wine Totes

Look, if you're going to look like a tourist, you might as well do it in style. Combine your love of great cities and great wine with Maptote's City Wine Tote bags. Bring a little piece of Manhattan with you (not to mention a useful map) wherever you go or pay homage to your favorite source of wine with the Nappa Valley ... continue reading
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Aerotech Evolution Bike Case

We all know that United breaks guitars, but what about bicycles? Don't take any chances while traveling with your bike—keep it locked up in the tough thermoplastic ABS Aerotech Evolution Bike Case. It's the perfect case for bike racers who travel the world who need something durable to fit large racing bikes. And ... continue reading
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Victorinox WT Trolley 29″ 4-Wheel

Seasoned travelers understand that the balance between traveling comfortably and being prepared is all about the right luggage. The Victorinox Werks Traveler Trolley finds that balance through a spacious and ergonomic bag. In terms of ergonomic design, the comfortable handle rotates a full 360 degrees as do the durable ... continue reading
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VAEL Project Bags

Comfortable shoes and a dependable bag are all you really need to start any journey and VAEL's got you covered for both. Known for their rugged sneakers and shoes Vael now offers a collection of durable bags made for adventurous travelers who make a habit of arriving in foreign cities with nothing but the shoes on ... continue reading
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Fluent Stash

Upgrade that old toiletry kit with an all-purpose pouch that stores your essentials, both old and new. Fluent Stash carries not only your razor and comb but your iPod and cell phone. The felted wool pouch features several pockets that easily accommodate both toiletries and electronics. It's perfect for travel or just ... continue reading
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Built NY Cargo Travel Organizer

When you're traveling it's easy to keep track of your expensive smart phone, MP3 player, or electric razor, but the damn power cords always go missing. Make your life and your trip a lot easier and pack your accessories in the Built NY Cargo Travel Organizer. With plenty of stretchy storage compartments and made from ... continue reading
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Sneaker Cleaner Travel Kit

Of course you always wanna keep your kicks looking fresh even when you're on the road. Jason Markk and Staple Design's colab project the Ultimate Sneaker Cleaner Kit makes it possible. The kit includes a handcrafted sneaker cleaning bush, a premium microfiber towel, a sneaker box, embroidered ankle socks and JM's sneaker ... continue reading
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T-Tech Adventure Duffle

Carrying your cargo from city to city is back-breaking work. But the T-Tech Adventure Duffle from Tumi eliminates the pain while adding some panache. Made from Tumi's exclusive X-Tech fabric, which is strong, durable and soft to the touch, this design has a shoe/laundry compartment and numerous interior and exterior ... continue reading
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Repurposed Military Weekender

Be all that you can be with the repurposed Military Truck Tarp Weekender from Killspencer. Made from a "used in combat" military truck tarp, this olive-colored carry-all features a black Riri AQUAzip water-resistant zipper, a Killspencer retractable wall mount system, all-black military spec hardware, multiple Alice ... continue reading
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Paper Shaving Cream

Make room for more essentials in your overnight kit - you know the kind we're talking about - with citrus-scented paper shaving cream. Just add water and lather up! She'll thank you. Hopefully a few times.