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Oats Studios ‘Volume 1’ Teaser Trailer

Oats Studios ‘Volume 1’ Teaser Trailer

From Neil Blomkamp, director of District 9, Elysium and Chappie, comes the first teaser trailer for his new experimental film making tour-de-force that he’s dubbed Oats Studios. The teaser trailer for Oats Studios “Volume 1” starts with an overgrown Eiffel Tower and proceeds into incredible action sequences where aliens are trying to take over the world. The style and subject matter feels something like a combination of Alien and Predator, without being Alien vs. Predator, delivered in the same unique and feature-worthy way that Blomkamp is known for. The project is set to span multiple feature films and will be “streaming soon” through Steam and other platforms, but no other details are available at this point. One thing’s for sure though, if we’re going to get a series of these films instead of an Alien feature or a sequel to something else from the Sci-Fi movie canon from the director than we’re all for it.

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