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Victrola has become synonymous with budget, entry-level, all-in-one turntables. So, we were surprised to see the audio brand release a relatively high-end standalone record player. The Victrola Stream Carbon is built to seamlessly integrate specifically with a Sonos speaker system. Thanks to its Wi-Fi capabilities, the Stream Carbon will play your music directly over any Sonos speakers. And, for those who prefer a more traditional set-up, the built-in RCA output would allow you to connect to stereo speakers.

In an unusual move for the brand, Victrola has opted for some fairly impressive performance specs including a carbon fiber tonearm, aluminum headshell, and Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. And the illuminated control knob offers a tactile and functional way to control the volume straight from the turntable. For vinyl enthusiasts who already have a Sonos speaker system, this would be the ideal record player. The Victrola Stream Carbon Turntable is available for pre-order now for $800 and is expected to ship at the end of October 2022.

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After browsing this ultimate gifting destination for the last 30 minutes, we realized we could pretty much do all our holiday shopping in one place. This place. How nice! They’ve curated a list of 2022’s most coveted gifts that span from the chefs in your life to the outdoorsmen and indoorsmen alike. Stocking stuffers. Big gifts. Everything in between. E-gift cards for the last minute person you accidentally forgot to put on your list.  Everything in this Holiday Outpost helps you raise the bar on your gift giving this year.