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Carbon fiber is one of the strongest materials on the planet (it’s seriously stronger than steel), so it only makes sense that something that repeatedly crashes into walls, buildings, trees and everything else around would be made of the stuff. The Carbon Flyer is part personal drone, part video camera, part paper airplane and all awesome. The 14.75″ long Carbon Flyer has a 7″ wingspan, 3″ height and weighs only 1.5oz. The entire body is made entirely of carbon fiber and bonded with an adhesive enhanced with over 100 trillion nanotubes. The body is a low-drag delta wing design with twin engines, and it’s also outfitted with an impact resistant nose cone and hot-swappable LiPo battery. It also has LED running lights, a display stand, built-in camera and Bluetooth control (with an app) for steering and guidance. In other words, you might as well just toss all the RC planes and helicopters on your shelf because this will replace all of them.


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