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Spend enough time at popular tourist destinations and you’re bound to take the same exact photo someone else has. You might throw some extra filters on it or edit it differently, but fundamentally the photo is the same. Camera Restricta is a speculative design of a new type of camera by German-based designer Philipp Schmitt that will not allow you to take the same clichéd pictures as everyone else. The retro-styled Camera Restricta uses GPS to search for nearby geotagged pictures and, if there are too many, retracts the shutter and blocks the viewfinder. Camera Restricta would definitely save you space in the photo roll or on the memory card, but at this time there are no plans for production.


If you spent the past years like us, you used your gym money to upgrade your home workout setup. The one thing we didn’t add until recently was a dedicated cardio machine like this Horizon Studio Treadmill. This powerful, durable and innovative piece of equipment is built with all the latest and greatest in performance coaching, app-integration and HIIT training options, so you only have to focus on your workout. With special 0% financing options for qualified customers, there’s never been a better time to put a Horizon Studio Treadmill in your home. Get yours today.