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Minor Details: This Pocket Tripod Is the Handy Phone Photography Tool You’ll Take Everywhere


Welcome to Minor Details, a semi-regular series where Cool Material’s writers and editors test the small products that are worth carrying around for their singular purpose.

I am not an influencer and will only rarely video myself (willingly at least). So when testing out the Pocket Tripod from GEOMETRICAL, my first impression was that I’d have limited use for something that seems perfectly designed for someone who reflexively says “hey guys” every time they flip their phone’s front camera on. It does indeed make selfie videos easier. Yet it was the myriad other uses I found myself pulling the Pocket Tripod out of my wallet for that made me dedicate a permanent space for it alongside my credit cards.

The saying “the best camera is the one you have with you” has stuck with me from my photography days. Knowing the ins and outs of your favorite travel camera is only beneficial if you also commit to carrying said camera everywhere you go. And sometimes the perfect shot only happens when the ever-present camera on your phone is all that’s on hand.

The same concept applies to a tripod. Sure, it’s nice to have, other than the part about having to lug it around everywhere. The Pocket Tripod is 2.29mm thick–about the size of two credit cards–and has the same length and width of a credit card as well. It easily fits in my minimalist wallet without making my pocket bulge.

Over the past week, I’ve found myself reaching for it much more often than I would’ve imagined. It holds my phone steady for video calls when I’m away from my desk. I finally had the chance to take advantage of my iPhone 14 Pro’s timelapse feature and utilized the long exposure at night. I never did end up making an influencer-style video, but I did use it to take pictures with one-year-old daughter–a rarity when it’s just us two, considering she’s usually moving around so much that getting both of us in the same frame is a tall task.

Previously, I’d resign myself to propping my phone haphazardly on whatever was nearby. Sometimes it worked, most often it didn’t. The Pocket Tripod easily adjusts to the right angle and stays sturdy. The flatter the surface the better of course, but barring any extreme gusts of wind, I found it balanced on more uneven surfaces outside as well.

I try to keep my single-use products limited. This one, however, proves it’s worth the carry.

Specs and Details:
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 11 grams
  • Carbon fiber legs
  • 2.29mm x 85.6mm x 54mm
  • Right size guarantee up to 12.5mm
  • Fit Card for measuring phone thickness
  • Angle indicator
  • 9 phone holder adapters
Pocket Tripod PRO Universal Kit
Pocket Tripod PRO Universal Kit

Buy: $35