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J.R.R. Tolkien would certainly be proud. Mechanical keyboard designer Matt3o has released a duo of custom keycaps that feature the fictional languages of Middle-earth: Elvish and Dwarvish. So you can embrace your inner Lord of the Rings fandom and craft your thoughts in Tengwar (Elvish script) or Dwarven runes. Thanks to an official partnership with the licensing group Middle-earth Enterprises, these keycaps are extremely intricate and precise. The sets are available in “training” versions (which include traditional English characters) or “hardcore” with just the Elvish or Dwarvish printed. The base set includes all the keys needed for a standard layout for $100 each. (Here is the Elvish and here is the Dwarvish.) There are tons of further customization options and extra add-ons for larger keyboard designs, optional color accents, and sets of numpad keys. For serious devotees, this will be as close as any have come to translating the languages of Middle-earth to computers. If you’re willing to commit or have a firm grasp on Dwarven runes or Tengwar, this is the keyboard for you.

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