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Home and office goods brand Grovemade just made working from home a little easier. Their Apple keyboard trays and wrist rests (try saying that five times fast) are available now. You might be wondering how a charming wood panel with a layer of vegetable-tanned leather that sits under your wrist would help you in your work. Maybe you don’t believe in ergonomics. Well, take it from someone who types all day for a living. This is an insanely helpful tool.

Grovemade has developed two keyboard trays to custom fit whichever Apple keyboard you have. Made from solid American hardwood in both walnut and maple finishes, the tray slightly raises your keyboard for optimal typing. But, the piece de resistance in my humble opinion is the simple wrist rest which is sized for a full-length keyboard, smaller keyboard, and your mouse. Available in American black walnut or eastern hard rock maple with aluminum reinforcement and a cork base, this plant of wood offers a gentle cushion for your hands. By keeping the base of your palm on the rest, you no longer feel like you’re stretching to reach your keys. It’s a subtle shift that makes a serious difference.

As with all of Grovemade’s products, it’s built to last and the wrist rest will develop a natural patina with use.

High Five

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