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These Are the Best Cases for Your Brand New iPhone 13

These Are the Best Cases for Your Brand New iPhone 13

Even with those sweet carrier upgrade discounts, switching out your current iPhone for an iPhone 13, Mini, Pro, or Pro Max so you can take advantage of all the latest and greatest is going to cost you a pretty penny. This isn’t really news because it happens every time there’s a significant hardware release, but it’s a hefty expenditure nonetheless, and it’s one worthy of protection. While your phenomenal and technologically advanced new piece of kit is best utilized in its native form, unless you have the kind of money or celebrity endorsement to get it replaced on the regular for free, you’re going to want a case. These are the Best iPhone Cases for the iPhone 13 right now.


Apple iPhone 13 Pro Leather Case with MagSafe

Apple is doubling down on the  MagSafe innovations from the iPhone 12 with a complete lineup of cases, wallets, chargers, mounts, and other accessories for all versions of the iPhone 13. For our money, we’re going with this sleek, molded, stylish and otherwise unassuming leather case that’s soft to the touch, will patina over time, and is capable of capitalizing on all those MagSafe attachments–without looking or feeling like it’s a piece of Voltron that has yet to be assembled. Buy: $59


Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 13 Max Crystal Clear Case

With the amount of money we’ve all spent on our iPhones, it’s completely reasonable to want to show off your fancy new piece of kit. We’re not recommending you do something incredibly reckless like leave your thousand dollar investment unprotected, but Spigen has plenty of crystal clear case options like this one that give you peace of mind while allowing you to flex. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 13 Max Crystal Clear Case has a TPU bumper, durable PC back, raise bezels, and pronounced buttons that don’t inhibit use–or wireless charging/accessories–so you can take pictures, post status updates, check-in, and respond to emails–while still showing off and being protected in the process. Buy: $15+


CASETiFY iPhone 13 Impact Crush Cases

CASETiFY started with the novel idea of turning your favorite photos from the ‘Gram into phone cases you could carry with you everywhere, but they’ve since grown into one of the most respected case manufacturers on the market. Almost a decade later, the general idea remains the same–take a high-quality, impact-resistant, and absurdly well-built case, and pair it with unique artwork so you can protect your smartphone investment in style. Whether you want graffiti, flowers, vintage logos, animal prints, tattoos, stickers, plants, memes, patterns, bright colors, or well, damn near anything else, you’ll find it in the ridiculously huge amount of infinitely scrolling options that CASETiFY has to offer. Buy: $55+


Incipio Coach Leather Slim Wrap Case

Incipio has been one of our tried and true go-to case brands for as long as we can remember–we’re talking iTunes sync, no iCloud backup, long before pop-up notifications, and all the other modern conveniences we’ve come to expect. Their cases are well-designed, built-to-last, and incredibly stylish, which is especially true when it comes to the slim, leather Coach collaboration you see here. We’re not usually fans of luxury branding, but with this level of detailing and style, this case is a no-brainer. Buy: $60


Nomad Goods iPhone 13 Leather Cases

For as long as we can remember, Nomad has been producing high-quality leather accessories that elevate Apple’s already gorgeously designed products to the next level. What started–in our world, at least–with the Nomad AirPods case continues with their line of Modern Leather Cases for the iPhone 13 series. Available in a number of different options that include black, brown or tan leather Modern / Folio (fold-out wallet), five different and sleek Sport options or even just a Leather Skin (if you want to live dangerously), every single one of the Nomad options will upgrade your investment to the next level of desirability. Buy: $60


Otterbox iPhone 13 Defender Series Pro Case

When it comes to phone cases and ultimate protection, the first name most of us is Otterbox because they’ve been guaranteeing bulletproof protection from all of the elements for as long as smartphones have been a thing. The Otterbox Defender Series appropriately lives on for all the latest iterations of the iPhone 13 with “advanced defense, integrated antimicrobial additives, and a premium, rugged design with clean lines and a comfortable grip.” As with all things Otterbox, it also comes in a number of colors and yes, it still includes a belt clip if that’s your jam. Buy: $65


Bellroy Phone Card Case

Whether you’re talking about work bags, minimalist wallets, key carriers, pencil cases or any other piece of EDC tech, if you want something sleek, stylish, streamlined and built out of leather, you want to buy Bellroy. They’re delivering that same kind of quality, design, construction and attention to detail with the Bellroy Phone Card Case you see here. Built for all the modern iPhone models, this stylish case is made from premium, eco-tanned leather in six different colorways and includes and integrated flip-up section that holds up to 3 cards. This iteration won’t work with Qi or MagSafe charging, but that’s a reasonable sacrifice given the quality and card-storage. Buy: $79


Pad & Quill iPhone 13 LeatherSafe Pocket Book Case

While we’re quite certain that they didn’t invent the iPhone / iPad bookcase, if the original Pad & Quill iPad Book Case is any indication–and it most certainly is–they’ve spent a decade solidifying their place as the premier manufacturer of this particular type of case. They’re bringing that decade of experience to bear for your fancy new iPhone with the Pad & Quill iPhone 13 LeatherSafe Pocket Book Case. Available in a number of leather options and for all the latest versions, this handmade case fits perfectly, protects easily, works with MagSafe accessories, includes the iconic Pad & Quill wallet features, and it patinas gorgeously over time. Buy: $80+