There are men out there who will spend a tremendous amount of money on their home entertainment systems. Dropping three grand on a top-of-the-line, 3D, 4k, 80-inch something-or-other makes perfect sense to them. And that’s fine. But for us—for you? Television is a mere auxiliary tool, tucked deeply inside your back pocket. It’s what you look for when you’re not traveling around the world, learning new skills, interacting with new people, or grinding hard at work to get your cream. But that isn’t to say a good TV isn’t a wise investment, or that it isn’t something you shouldn’t have. Sometimes, pouring a stiff one, kicking back, and watching Game of Thrones is exactly what the doctor ordered. Plus, finding a cheap TV for sale isn’t hard—but finding one that’s cheap and good is. So let us help. Here are 6 of the best cheap TVs under $600:


LG 55 Inch LED 1080p Smart HDTV Roku TV

If big is what you’re looking for, this 55-inch Smart HDTV from LG has everything you should want in a solid TV: 55 inches of viewing capability, and a beautiful LED 1080p display. It comes equipped with Roku for your Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other streaming fun, along with three HDMI ports and one USB port for your external devices.


Samsung 40 Inch Class 4k Ultra HD LED Smart TV

And if size doesn’t matter to you (heh…), this 40-inch from Samsung is about as top-of-the-line as it gets. Watch Game of Thrones in a way you’ve never seen it before—crystal clear 4K Ultra HD, with a stunning refresh rate of 120Hz. You’ll experience brighter and more vivid coloring, deeper blacks, and see true-to-life motion in ways you never thought possible—all from the comfort of your home. Nothing can replace a view of the mountains and oceans in real time, but we’ll be damned if this 40-inch rectangle doesn’t come pretty close.


VIZIO D50-D1 D-Series 50-inch Class Full Array LED Smart TV

It’s kind of incredible to think that just a few short years ago, people were excited to pay thousands of dollars for those big, heavy-as-hell, clunky projection screen TVs. But in 2016, for less than 450 bucks, you can have a 50-inch LED Smart TV. The VIZIO D50-D1 comes with 12 active LED zones that automatically adjust the LED backlight per zone depending on what’s being viewed. Together, they create higher contrast, more color depth, and purer blacks. If you want a straight up “bang for your buck” option, this is ideal.


VIZIO D40-D1 D-Series 40-inch Classic Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV

VIZIO’s D40 is smaller than the D50 (40 inches compared to 50 inches—duh), but what it lacks in viewing capability, it more than makes up for in useful bells and whistles. The D40 offers beautiful 4K Ultra HD picture at four times the resolution of full 1080p HD. The Wi-Fi-enabled D40 allows access to VIZIO’s package of Internet apps, which are optimized for Ultra HD streaming—all at roughly the same price as the D50. If you’re less worried about a big screen and more interested in what’s inside the box, the D40 will make you more than happy.


Sony KDL40W650D 40-Inch Built-In Wi-Fi HD TV

The Sony KDLW40W650D is the new and improved version of the well-loved KDL40W600B. The 2016 model comes complete with Full 1080p HD, built-in Wi-Fi, and access to a slew of Sony’s onboard applications and streaming devices. Additionally, Sony’s X-Reality PRO offers a cleaner and more seamless image streaming, and the built-in Wi-Fi works with all of your favorite streaming apps, including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and more, and screen mirroring allows users to stream content from their smartphones directly to the big screen. For a sub-$400 price tag, we’re happy with it!


LG 55-inch 1080p Smart LED (Non-Roku)

Another 55-inch heavy hitter from the team at LG, the 55LH5750 offers many of the same features of the Roku-enabled TV above: Stunning 1080p, LED backlight display, smart functionality for streaming and web browsing, two dedicated HDMI ports, a USB port, and a bunch of other ports you’ll probably never use. All of that without the Roku capability (believe it or not, some people don’t actually want Roku). We’d like to note that there are complaints about this TV’s web browsing capabilities. They sound a little hit or miss, but for the sub-$600 price tag, the stunning display, and all those beautiful HDMI ports, we think it’s worth the gamble.

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