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11 Apps To Slim Down Your Wallet

11 Apps To Slim Down Your Wallet

At this point, our smartphones could realistically replace our wallets. They hold our credit cards, contact list, receipts, family photos, even digital currency! Now, we don’t necessarily advise that you get rid of your wallet altogether. But, if you’re carrying around a billfold that’s nearly bursting at the seams, you could do with some slimming down. Thanks to the current digital age, there are plenty of apps you could download to lighten the load. We rounded up 11 of our favorite finance, business, and productivity apps that help slim down our wallets.


Store Cards: Apple Pay / Google Pay

Apple and Google Pay effectively transform your smartphone into a digital wallet. These handy apps allow you to store your credit cards on your phone and securely pay for just about anything. Most retailers accept Apple and Google Pay and the apps make paying online easy with autofill capabilities. And, if your friends use these apps you can easily send money just at the touch of a button. No more complicated math when splitting the bill. And no need to carry around all those rewards cards anymore.

Apple Pay Google Pay


Receipts: Expensify

Carrying receipts in your wallet is messy, annoying, and most importantly, inconvenient. If you don’t file that stupid white piece of paper immediately you’re going to forget who was with you, why you can write it off as a business expense, and/or why you kept the damn thing in the first place. With Expensify, you can snap pictures of your receipts, throw them out and then add them to expense reports, forward them to contacts, and even integrate with Dropbox or Evernote.
iOS / Android


Password Paper: 1Password

Please, if you listen to one thing, listen to this. Do not write down your passwords on a piece of paper and keep them in your wallet. If you lose your wallet, you lose all of your digital security. And all of that paper takes up unnecessary space in your wallet. If you’re struggling to keep up with the laundry list of passwords, invest in a password manager. 1Password is one of the best services we’ve come across. Download the app to easily sync your passwords across all of your devices. Plus, you can safely store much more than just your digital passwords. The combination to locks, your house alarm codes, or your credit card pins. Thanks to 1Password’s top-tier security you can safely store any important details in this app.

iOS / Android


Splitting the Check: PayPal/Venmo/Cash App

The aforementioned Apple and Google Pay allow you to send and receive cash between contacts but PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App remain some of the top transfer apps. In the modern age, they’re indispensable for sending rent, paying utilities, or splitting the check at dinner. Plus, many retailers and vendors use PayPal, Venmo, and/or Cash App so having these apps downloaded makes for an extra convenient shopping experience. They’re free, easy to use, and just about everyone has them.

Cash App


Business Cards: Cardhop

Not to get all Patrick Bateman, but there’s something to be said about the exchange of business cards. But we’re in the digital age. No one has Rolodexes anymore and business cards usually end up in the trash. But, apps like Cardhop help create virtual contact lists that make for a seamless networking experience. While the pre-downloaded contact list can work just fine, Cardhop incorporates a variety of other features. Use widgets to conveniently get in touch with prioritized contacts. Create a relationship flowchart to categorize co-workers, spouses, or families. Scan business cards to easily make new contact entries. Plus, Cardhop works across all of your devices so there’s no need to reenter any information.



Auto Insurance Cards: State Farm

Your car insurance card might only be in your wallet on an infrequent basis, but with the functionality offered by companies like State Farm you should still get this app for backup and easy access purposes. Not only can you pull up your insurance card digitally, but you can also e-mail it and get it in pdf. You can even pay your bills, submit and manage claims, and contact your agent. If you don’t have State Farm, check out your provider’s homepage, or Google, because most of the big brands have apps.

iOS / Android


Medical Insurance Cards: Blue Cross

You’ll never worry about carrying around a medical insurance card at all times until you’ve needed it and not had it. With BlueCross BlueShield’s (Check with your coverage provider if you don’t have BCBS) App you can: find a doctor and urgent care locations, view your ID cards and prescription benefits, and even estimate your costs. Because everything is integrated with all those fancy parts of your phone you can even get GPS directions, call the doctor, and email or eFax copies of your cards.

Blue Cross Blue Shield


Mobile Banking: Bank of America/PNC/Wells Fargo

If you haven’t already downloaded your banking provider’s app, you should do that right now. Most of us don’t have time to head to the bank at a moment’s notice. But, these apps allow you to perform most of the same functions right from your phone. Deposit a check or transfer money between accounts. Pay bills, send money to friends and family, or freeze stolen/lost cards. Plus, many of the best banking apps included added features like in-depth budgeting assistance, stock trading, and access to your credit card rewards.

Bank of America
Wells Fargo


Coupons: Honey

The days of coupon clipping are gone. But, apps like Honey make earning discounts easy. Honey typically functions as a browser extension that automatically applies discount codes and coupons while you’re shopping. The downloadable app allows you to keep track of rewards you earn by shopping with Honey. Plus, you can keep tabs on items and get notifications when they go on sale. If you’re looking to shop the sales, Honey is a must-download.

iOS / Android


Bill Organizer: Chronicle

Chronicle combines a financial planner with a calendar by giving you full control over your bills and spending. Having a hard time remembering which streaming services you’re subscribed to? Need to plan out your bills? Chronicle has you covered. Schedule notifications for yourself, keep confirmations of your payment history, and use the app’s data visualizer to create graphs of your spending. There’s no need to hold on to post-it notes in your wallet; let Chronicle keep track of your spending calendar.



Concert and Live Event Tickets: Ticketmaster

If you like seeing shows on a regular basis, you should download the Ticketmaster app. No need to print off dozens of ticket stubs, your phone becomes your ticket. Got a group of friends going with you? Transfer their tickets with a text. And if you need to sell your tickets, you can use the Ticketmaster app to find someone else to take your place. Ticketmaster has plenty of events from live music to professional sports. So, download the Ticketmaster app and get back to the show.

iOS / Android

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