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After the better part of a decade of teasing, Google’s Pixel Smart Watch is finally set to grace the wrists of us normal folk in the fall of this year… if things go to plan, anyway. The smartwatch that was designed to compete with the Apple in the room was recently unveiled at the Google I/O conference. But, despite its stylish round dome, stainless construction, tactile crown, and swappable bands, the hardware still leaves something to be desired based on the reports we’ve seen.

As of now, the Google Pixel Watch is powered by–according to some sources–the Samsung Exynos 9110, a chip that debuted almost four years ago. If we’re being completely honest, we don’t care at all about the age of our chips in our smartwatches… as long as they can adequately and effortlessly perform all of their smartwatch tasks. But based on what we’ve seen so far, this aging form factor leads to a piece of tech that is a lot less smart and barely performs like a watch. If that’s the case, we’ll happily skip the upgrade in favor of a non-connected option. But here’s hoping because we’d love to see an Apple Watch alternative.

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