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Mercedes-Benz MB.OS

Mercedes-Benz MB.OS

Just when you thought Mercedes screens couldn’t get bigger or more vivid, they go and level up everything for its next-gen in-car OS. Merc has partnered with Google for data, maps, and navigation, and it’s also working with Luminar to provide LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) functionality. The new system will also have NVIDIA software, data, and AI along with chips that can run 254 trillion operations per second for the purpose of autonomous driving. More features for entertainment include TikTok, Zoom, Angry Birds, and a Vivaldi web browser. Of course, the infotainment/navigation screen and instrument cluster will be even larger and hi-res than ever before. Don’t forget that you’ll still actually need a driver’s license. Look for the new system to bow in production vehicles in a few years.

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