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Buzzy interior paint brand Backdrop has quickly become a favorite for millennial homeowners. With sharp packaging, smart collaborations, and a fantastic product, it’s easy to understand why the DTC paint company has become so beloved. The brand’s latest collaboration sees them team up with clothing company Madewell on a line of limited edition paint and apparel. The collection includes a hoodie, painter’s shirt, overalls, canvas tote, chore jacket, and more in the same color – “STUDIO HOURS” – as the paint itself. Warm and neutral, this beige color features tones of pink and light brown and is sure to make a room feel natural and inviting. And the clothing collaboration is a new step for the paint brand.

“We love joining forces with new and unexpected creative partners,” shared Natalie Ebel, Co-Founder of Backdrop, in a press release. “With STUDIO HOURS, it’s been especially exciting to translate our perspective as a design brand into the fashion space with Madewell. The collection combines our take on a modern, new color with the silhouettes of classic workwear while celebrating the artistic process and the power of color as a means of transformation, from home design to apparel.”

The entire collection is available starting January 25th in select retail stores and online at both Backdrop and Madwell.

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