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10 Food Documentaries Every Guy Should See

10 Food Documentaries Every Guy Should See

Before you sit down with any of these movies, it’s highly recommended you get a bowl of popcorn, plenty of Milk Duds, and perhaps a ribeye steak or two. Basically, you’re going to be hungry. But besides making you salivate, each film will spin the tale of some interesting corner of the culinary world. While there are a ton of great food documentaries out there that deal with the issues of our modern food system and our unhealthy diets, we chose to focus on simply unique stories. Here are 10 you should see.

Spinning Plates

Spinning Plates is like three documentaries in one. It tells the stories of three very different restaurants, the people behind them, and the hardships they faced. Grant Achatz of the famed Chicago restaurant Alinea was faced with the diagnosis of mouth cancer and the prospect of never tasting food again, Breitbach’s Country Dining in Iowa was a town staple until disaster struck … twice, and La Cocina de Gabby was a small Mexican restaurant always on the cusp of having to close the doors for good. The stories are tied together by a few common themes: Family, friends, and a love of food. Amazon iTunes

I Like Killing Flies

If you never had the pleasure of eating at Shopsin’s in Greenwich Village, you missed out on one of the most unique restaurants ever to grace this earth. Much of that is due to the eccentric Kenny Shopsin and his oddball humor and foul-mouthed wisdom. I Like Killing Flies documents the final years of the original location’s existence. How many chefs would kick out a party of five and ban them for life or serve up a plate of ebelskivers only if a lady flashed him? We’re guessing just Kenny, and that’s why this documentary is so phenomenal. Amazon Netflix

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Any movie that has a 99% approval on Rotten Tomatoes is obviously worth checking out, but be forewarned, if you’re a sushi fan, you’re going to want to book a ticket to Tokyo upon finishing Jiro Dreams of Sushi. The story is about one of the world’s greatest sushi chefs who operates a small restaurant in a Tokyo subway station. The place has earned 3 Michelin stars and become a must visit for any sushi fanatic. The film delves into his insistence on perfection in every piece he serves. Amazon iTunes Netflix

The Restaurateur

Ever have the dream of building and running your own restaurant? How about two? This film follows Danny Meyer for eleven months as he creates Eleven Madison Park and Tabla. The world-renowned restaurateur gives you a glimpse behind the creation of his empire in this award-winning documentary. Amazon Netflix

Pressure Cooker

You want to succeed? You’re going to have to work and be okay with failure. But don’t take our word for it, let Mrs. Stephenson drill the message into you. Pressure Cooker follows a few students at Frankford High School in Philadelphia as they train and compete for culinary scholarships under the watchful eye of Wilma Stephenson. They come from rough areas and the kitchen might be their way out, but they have to sacrifice a standard high school life to get there. Amazon iTunes Netflix

Fruit Hunters

There’s a whole world of fruits out there that have never crossed your lips. Exotic things that taste like candy that you can’t pick up at the grocery store are waiting for you. The Fruit Hunters follows some fruit addicts as they track down some of this deliciousness. We’d gladly take a hearty serving of ice cream beans if someone wants to go secure them for us. Amazon iTunes Netflix

Kings of Pastry

Some of the cakes and pastries you’ve seen on Food Network competition shows are great and all, but they aren’t even in the same stratosphere as the sweets you’re about to see. Kings of Pastry is a documentary about the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France that happens every four years with the primary focus on the pastries vying for dessert supremacy. With the thrill of a great sports movie, Kings of Pastry will have you teetering on the edge of your seat while grown men cry over cake. Amazon iTunes Netflix


At just over a half hour, Sriracha isn’t going to be confused with The Wolf of Wall Street, but in a short time it packs a lot of interesting details about everyone’s favorite spicy condiment. Learn the history behind the sauce that took America by storm. Amazon Purchase

The Garden

After the LA riots subsided in the 90s, something strange happened in the area where all the fighting and protesting went down: a garden grew. The Garden is a look at the 14-acre community garden that sprang up from the battlefield in LA. It became a sign of growth and also served those who needed food to eat … until it was marked to be leveled so companies could build warehouses. This is the story about another battle in LA that few people have ever heard. Amazon

Garlic Is As Good As Ten Mothers

When a recipe calls for a clove of garlic, we go with a bulb. If you’re in our boat, check out Garlic Is As Good As Ten Mothers. Made back in 1980, the documentary is all about everyone’s favorite way to rid off vampires. It features interviews with chefs, historians, and garlic lovers to give you the most detailed look at one of our favorite ingredients. Your breath will stink just from watching it. Hulu