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In 1960’s Southern California, you weren’t doing the beach properly if you weren’t getting there in some sort of Volkswagen. While the VW Bus and Beetle were tremendously popular, the best way to do it was in one of the era’s iconic buggies like the Meyers Manx or a Poty Sand Rover (both of which were built on VW hardware, for the record). All of the buggy vehicles from that era just had this je ne sais quoi from their combination of effortless exploration, just right performance and unique style that made them seem almost ethereal whether you were looking at them or sitting behind the wheel. Over the weekend, one such vehicle–the Volkswagen Vintage Jolly Style Beach Buggy you see here–sold for close to thirty grand on Bring a Trailer, and it is truly a sight to behold. This buggy combines a circa 1969 “Sand Rover” body from Poty Enterprises with a 1958 VW Beetle chassis to create a profile that’s outfitted with updated mechanicals, tassled soft top, stowable beach umbrella, salmon paint job and the piece de resistance–wicker front seats. When it comes to a perfect beach buggy, this might be it.


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