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We get that tiny cars don’t sell well here in the states (case in point, the Smart ForTwo) because we like our vehicles way bigger. Well, Citroën has come up with a really tiny city car that should has the potential to change the face of vehicle ownership and car-sharing in Europe. The small two-door, two-seater is a foot shorter than the ForTwo and gets a 43-mile-range electric motor. It charges fully in 3 hours from a conventional European 220-volt outlet, and it can be helmed by anyone 14 or over with no need for a driver’s license to operate it. Most importantly, it only costs $22 per month to own after a down payment of $2,900 (or just $6,600 all-in). Inside you’ll find a utilitarian but still stylish cabin. All audio, navigation, and phone calls will be performed by your smartphone since the only electronics in the car run the heat and the small instrument cluster. Even the windows are manual flip-ups. It’s a simple but brilliant solution to urban transportation that’s not a stupid electric scooter. Citroën will take orders starting March 30th, and doorstep delivery begins in June. Just don’t try to take it on the expressway since it tops out just shy of 28 mph.


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