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We could go on for days about the collected film works of The King of Cool. Actually, we already did when we ranked Steve McQueen movies from worst to best. When it comes to McQueen’s automotive co-stars, he’s most know for Bullitt Mustangs, Porsches and a wide variety of motorcycles… but McQueen was also a big fan of old school off-road vehicles as evidenced by this 1945 Willys Jeep MB that’s heading to auction in November. Originally created for the United States Department of War when they were looking for a light, cross-country, four-wheel drive, reconnaissance vehicle prior to their entry into WWII, this vehicle ultimately ended up in the hands of the one-and-only McQueen prior to being sold at auction in 84 as part of his estate collection. Since then, the Willys Jeep has been renovated and fully recommissioned to the pristine condition it would have been in when McQueen owned it. Steve McQueen’s 1945 Willys Jeep MB is expected to fetch in the range of $104k – $130k when it goes to auction as part of Silverstone Auctions’ NEC Classic Motor Show Sale in November.

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