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We’ve seen more than our fair share of off-road Porsche 911 concepts over the years, but the RUF Rodeo Concept Coupe is anything but. Not only does RUF build their own vehicles based on Porsche designs, they don’t really screw around with the world of digital concepts. Instead, the brand opts to build their “concepts” in living color, ready to drive, complete with Western-inspired seat embroidery, tanned leather, roof rack, and trunk-mounted shovel like you see here. The RUF Rodeo Concept was “conceived, designed, engineered, and built for one reason alone – we thought it would be fun! The car is the first ever off-road car with a carbon fibre monocoque making it light and sporty, but also ready to tackle any road.” If that isn’t reason enough to throw your hat into the ring for purchasing power on a two-tone Porsche 911 complete with all-wheel drive, roof rack, and Americana flair, we don’t know what is. If it were us, we’d be planning a whole slew of trips down Route 66.


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