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When it comes to automotive journalism, particularly the vintage set, the only thing that holds a candle to Top Gear (in its former glory) is Petrolicious. In case you’re not in the know, Petrolicious just launched a multi-tiered membership program that allows you to support the brand and their content while also getting an incredible collection of cool shit in the process. Petrolicious membership is available in three exclusive tiers: Standard ($49/yr), Premium ($129/yr) and Founding Member ($599/one time). If you opt for the Premium tier or higher, you’ll get the ‘Drive Tastefully’ quarterly collectors’ publication, along with access to exclusive events and other exclusives. Regardless of which tier is right for you, you’ll get exclusive new film series, member pricing in their shop and exclusive offers from select Petrolicious partners. For our money, you can’t go wrong with one of the upper tiers that also includes the ‘Drive Tastefully’ magazine, but the option you choose is your decision.


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