When you have to park in the back of the lot because some moron took up two spaces don’t waste your time waiting around to give them a piece of you mind. Instead let them know with a Parking Ticket. Sure, you might not have the power to fine them, but you can at least softly let them know that they’re a waste of space. Parking Tickets offer witty remarks such as “This Parking Job Violates the Law. Of Physics”. Each one is sure to make the offender fumes in rage—you might not be there to enjoy it, but you can smile quietly to yourself knowing that you got the last word.

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We’re sure you’re well aware that there are plenty of robot vacuums or mops that you can use to sweep and mop in an attempt to keep your place clean. But none of them perform like Roborock’s smartest combo yet, the S7 Max Ultra you see here. It vacuums. It mops. It has automatic dust emptying, mop washing and robot water tank refilling. The easy-to-use app lets you create custom cleaning routines, set no-go zones, and more. The Roborock S7 Max Ultra does it all.  Don’t comprise on cleanliness, get yours for $299 off when you grab the coupon code for $18.99 today.