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Walking out to the street and throwing one leg over the other on top of the Maeving RM1 Electric Motorbike, no one would know what kind of power was present there. In addition to being revolutionary, this e-Bike is the most passable option for an everyday motorcycle we’ve seen so far. In addition to being built with what we would consider a traditionally gorgeous profile, this e-bike runs on power provided by a removable battery so it can be easily charged when not in use–without the hassle of extension cords or costly rewiring. What’s more, it’s hand-built in the UK with all the expected accouterments, brilliantly engineered, a pleasure to ride, and kitted out with, quite literally, every upgrade you’d want on a motorcycle. We know electric motorcycles are the wave of the future, so we’re absolutely signing up for one of these as soon as we can figure out how to have it shipped Stateside. But more than that, we’re so enthralled with the whole platform and its build quality that we’d happily foot the bill on a non-electric version in the US as well. It’s just that good.


We don’t know much about math. But we do know that when Keeper’s Heart announced they’d be making an Irish Whiskey + Bourbon bottle, we were intrigued. It’s here, and it is a simply stunning combination. Brian Nation (formerly of Jameson, Redbreast and Midleton whiskeys and now Keeper’s Heart master distiller) teamed up with David Perkins (the founder of High West distillery) to create this smooth, yet complex combo of Irish + Bourbon. It’s truly a marriage made in whiskey heaven. Pick up a bottle today.