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There are a lot of things from the ’80s that we look back on fondly. But when it comes to cars, you only really need two hands to represent all the ’80s cars we love. The 1985 Chrysler Le Baron Town & Country Turbo ‘Woody’ Estate–aka station wagon–you see here with its hideous paint job, bolted on wood panels and far too geometric profile is definitely not one of those cars. That is, of course, until you take into account that it was once owned by the angelic sounding, Jack Daniels swigging, all around party boy Frank Sinatra. Yes, you read that correctly. The iconic, inimitable and all around cool cat Old Blue Eyes was apparently a huge fan of both Chrysler and Woody station wagons. This particular model is rumored to be the very last vehicle Sinatra owned and is being auctioned off online in early February by H&H Classics.


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